Our UK Recruitment team work closely with schools, colleges, teachers, parents and other stakeholders; providing access and information to prospective students through a wide range of media and activities. We are the public face of the university, both on campus and at promotional events, with a dedicated team on each campus.

Student Recruitment Team

The aim of the Student Recruitment Team is to provide a seamless service throughout enquiry, conversion and ultimately recruitment.

Carly Scott
Student Recruitment Manager
Telephone: 01228 616018
Email: carly.scott@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Carlisle

Jay Walton
Student Recruitment Officer
Telephone: 01228 616026
Email: jay.walton@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Lancaster

Eleanor Missen
Student Recruitment Officer
Telephone: 01228 616379
Email: eleanor.missen@Cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Carlisle

School and College Liasion Team

The aim of the School and College Liaison team is to establish and maintain strong relationships with schools and colleges in order to support student recruitment to the university and widening access into Higher Education.

We work with a range of schools and colleges, regionally and nationally, and offer a number of presentations, workshops and events designed to provide students with the advice and guidance they need to make key decisions regarding their future.

Alice Sharples
School and College Liaison Manager
Telephone: 01524 384554
Email: alice.sharples@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Lancaster

Matthew Aitchison
School and College Liaison Officer
Telephone: 01228 616149
Email: matthew.aitchison@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Carlisle

Alison Otto
Student Involvement Co-ordinator
Telephone: 01228 616376
Email: alison.otto@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Lancaster

Jennifer Perkins
UK Recruitment Assistant (Schools and Colleges)
Telephone: 01228 616299
Email: jennifer.perkins@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Lancaster

Widening Partcipation Access Team

The aim of the WP Access team is to work with specific groups, under-represented in Higher Education, to develop targeted projects and activities to raise awareness and aspiration.

Our work attempts to break down barriers to access and aims to identify and respond to any additional needs of WP target groups to ensure opportunities for progression to HE. We aim to be to be champions for Widening Participation and Access within the UKR Team, across the wider university and external organisations.

Louise Gray
Widening Participation Access Manager
Telephone: 01228 616036
Email: louise.gray@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Carlisle

John Daw
UK Recruitment Assistant (Widening Participation Assistant)
Telephone: 01228 616315
Email: john.daw@cumbria.ac.uk
Location: Carlisle

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