Congratulations, you survived another year at university! Now let’s ensure you can afford to return next year. Here is all you need to know so that you won’t have any trouble continuing your course.

Re-applying for your tuition fee loan

If you’ve taken a student loan to cover your finances, you need to re-apply for each year of your studies. You can do this by logging into your student finance account with the customer reference number, password and secret answer that will have been set up for your initial application.

If you need to, you can update your profile with any changes to circumstances and re-submit your student finance application. If your household income has changed, you will need to provide supporting evidence for these details. Once this is completed, you will be issued with a declaration of entitlement letter you need to return.

You should aim to re-submit your student finance application by the end of June in order to avoid any unnecessary delays to your funding. Remember to complete online registration before each year of your studies-you don’t want anything to go wrong.

How much will I pay?

Undergraduate Students

UK & EU Students – as long as you are staying on the same course, the fee you pay will be the same as the annual fee for your year of your entry.

International students – as long as you are staying on the same course, the fee you pay will be the same as the annual fee for your year of entry given on your offer letter. Please note however that discounts and scholarships may only have been valid for your first year.

Postgraduate Students

Continuing students on PG taught programmes please see here for a schedule of fees for 21/22.

Continuing students on PG Research programmes  - fees will be confirmed shortly



Fees are set each year for CPD courses and modules. Please see the current year CPD section for more information on this and next year’s fees


Self-funded students

If you are self funding your course, then you may pay your tuition fees in full or spread out the cost through a maximum of three instalments. To discuss instalments, send us an email.

Instalments are not available for part-time students. Fees must be paid in full at the start of the semester. 

Tuition fee invoices are sent electronically to students' university and personal email accounts.

Make a payment - without an invoice

Make a payment - with an invoice

Student Financial Regulations

The Student Financial Regulations describes your contractual obligations to the university regarding finance. It includes our policies about:

Please download and read the regulations using the buttons below - Available Here

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