Messages of support from across the globe

Since its formation in 2007, the University of Cumbria has established itself as a hugely vibrant and much respected learning centre. As we reach the 10th anniversary a new £9m teaching block is nearing completion, research degree awarding powers have been applied for and a new strategic plan is about to be launched. There can be little doubt that the University of Cumbria is looking forward with confidence to the next decade and beyond.

Mick Fowler, Honorary Fellow

Congratulations to The University of Cumbria, its staff, students and supporters, on its success. The university is increasingly recognised as a ‘force for good’ within the county and further afield. Not only does it capitalise on the strengths of this beautiful county but also it brings in and develops talent from elsewhere. Well done!

Dr Jim Cox OBE, Honorary Fellow

Everyone at the old fire station would like to wish the University of Cumbria ten sturdy Hoorah’s on reaching their 10th anniversary. The university has made a fantastic positive impact on the whole area and we wish it well for the future. We’re over the moon that we now have a really productive working relationship with the university, through the Immersion/Emergence Artist Residency. We feel this really brings a fantastic and exciting new element to the old fire station and we look forward to this growing and developing into an exciting future.

Stephen Dunn, Carlisle City Council

Everyone here at William Howard School would like to say happy 10th anniversary to the University of Cumbria! Over the last academic year, the school and university have worked closely together as part of the ‘Gold Package’. Many of our students go on to become UoC students and our partnership enables our students to take part in a series of drop down days as well as being involved in National Careers Week and My Money Week activities. Using academics and student ambassadors from the university has also enabled us to develop sessions on student finance and mock interviews within our PSHE lessons. The university also supports us with our arts and media exhibition, and a financial donation towards our alumni display, for which we are very grateful and hope we can continue this positive relationship into the future.

Chris McAree, William Howard School

I am delighted to congratulate the University of Cumbria on this important milestone. The council is proud to work closely with the University of Cumbria, which has its largest site in the city of Lancaster. The university is an important part of the business growth, enterprise and skills support network in the district and we look for forward to continuing this important relationship for many years to come.

Anne Marie Harrison, Lancaster City Council

The university of Cumbria celebrates its 10th birthday, which means ten successful years of developing skills of thousands of students who are now contributing their skill to the rest of the United Kingdom & to the world, just like myself in Australia where I am teaching dance. Thank you and happy Birthday UoC

Michael Skelly, class of 2013, BA Hons Dance Performance & Musical Theatre Performance

I want to wish the University a big Happy 10th Birthday! I made many lifelong friends, and I miss being there. I think about life at the University of Cumbria every day.

Joe Monaghan, class of 2015, BA Hons Film & TV Production

Joining the University as a postgraduate student, under the inspiring supervision of Drs Penny Bradshaw and Lucy Collins, enabled me to develop new poetry, and a supporting critical text exploring 'Poetic Truth in Times of Exile'. The degree demanded both literary creativity and academic rigour, which have continued to govern my work as poet and critic.

Dr Martyn Halsall, class of 2009, PHD Creative Literary Studies

Congratulations to the University of Cumbria for celebrating their 10th anniversary. Universities are a vital addition to a city’s health and diversity and Lancaster is doubly blessed by having two world-class universities, with one of them being Cumbria. The Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to have the University of Cumbria as one of its Ambassador members, and we greatly value their input and participation in the business, and general, community.

John O’Neill, Chamber of Commerce

Here at Prism Arts we’d like to congratulate the University of Cumbria on its 10th anniversary. Working in partnership with the university’s Institute of the Arts and Business Interaction Centre has enabled Prism Arts to develop new work experience opportunities for students and young graduate artists in Cumbria. Since 2014 we have offered work experience and paid work to over 12 students and graduates. In 2016 we employed two graduates as staff artists on our studio theatre and studio arts programmes. For three years we collaborated with the Institute of the Arts and the Business Interaction Centre to deliver an annual C-Art Gallery where we co-commissioned graduates to make site specific work that created opportunities for work made by our emerging diverse artists to be seen alongside graduate work. We look forward to continuing our relationship into the future with a focus on retaining creative talent in the county through student and graduate placements, apprenticeships and internships.

Catherine Coulthard, Director, Prism Arts

Over the last decade, the university has built a national reputation in a number of key areas. With a new vice chancellor now in place, there is a strong appetite to strengthen this further, so the next decade is likely to be a very exciting one too.

Sarah Dunning OBE, Honorary Fellow

David and I feel very privileged to be part of the University of Cumbria Community in this significant 10th anniversary year. In the relatively short time since we received our Honorary Fellowship we have been delighted to be involved with the very successful and innovative 'Learning Together' project with HMP Haverigg. We are continuing to develop close links with the Sport & Health Development Unit who feel a very close connection to ‘Every Action Has Consequences’ and also with the education and early years departments to link with our own work in education.

Mr David Rogers MBE and Mrs Pat Rogers, Honorary Fellows awarded for outstanding services to charity as founders of ‘Every Action Has Consequences’ in honour of their son, Adam Rogers.

In 2007 I attended the opening of the university - it was a wonderful feeling; now, ten years on, it feels even better. Cumbria was once a very deprived area for higher education. This is no longer the case and the university is now a thriving and forward-looking institution. The diversity and energy brought by the students is immeasurable. It is great for the local economy and helps make Carlisle a more outward-looking and vibrant city. Graduation week is my favourite week of the year!

Mr Eric Martlew, Honorary Fellow, awarded for lifelong and outstanding contribution to public service to the City of Carlisle

My relationship with the university began in 1999 as project architect for the complete redevelopment of the campus at Brampton Road. Since then, our practice has helped students find careers in the world of art and culture, the essential ingredient to a vibrant community. Cities tend to concentrate upon shopping giants and footfall to compete with others, but true identity comes from originality and the unique. The university has promoted this throughout its entire life and Carlisle owes it a great debt of gratitude for the last ten years.

Malcolm Wilson, Black Box Architects Ltd

It is with pride and joy that the university can look back to its achievements during this decade. It isn’t just the new buildings and facilities that attract students, the study opportunities are manifold and employment opportunities are high. As honorary fellows, we have the opportunity to contribute to developments and share in celebrations. The university can build on good foundations and address confidently new challenges and goals.

Professor Jacqueline Filkins, Honorary Fellow, awarded for contribution to nursing leadership, education and governance both nationally and internationally.

Ten years old! Traditionally the end of true childhood and the point from which, in double digits, you face entry to the teenage years and onwards to maturity. In its formative years the university has achieved so much already for its students and the community. I am sure its teens will be marked by growing confidence and impact as it builds on crucial relationships with employers, develops first class academic and skills-based study and continues its great strength in the creative sector. Good luck and go from strength to strength. We need you!

Caroline Thomson, Honorary Fellow, awarded for contribution to broadcast media and the arts

As the former Director of Public Health for Cumbria, I am very aware of the importance of access to higher education for health and wellbeing and economic development in Cumbria. In its short time in existence the University of Cumbria has already demonstrated its understanding of the need to provide accessible and relevant opportunities for education and personal development to all the communities of this magnificent county. At a time of immense political and economic challenge we are most fortunate to have rooting for us an institution so suited to the current times.

Professor Dr John R Ashton CBE, Honorary Fellow awarded for his contribution to the public health service.

Being an Honorary Fellow of a young, vibrant and growing university opens so many doors in my work for others. Working within Diversity with Multicultural, Marginalised, Outsiders and Immigrants; membership of the university is recognised and ensures a fair representation of their interests. In its first ten years the university has reached out far beyond its student body and graduates and has influenced untold number of lives in a positive way. Long may it continue.

David Gould, Honorary Fellow awarded for his contributions to the campaigning of peace and community cohesion and to the voluntary sector

Before the university was established in 2007, many ordinary working people asked why we needed a university in Cumbria. Ten years on, I hear those same people talking about “the uni” or “our uni”, because it has become part of the fabric of Cumbrian life. The University of Cumbria is helping local people realise that university education is for people like them, their children and grandchildren. As this was one of our aims, the university is a success.

Barbara Stephens, Honorary Fellow awarded for her contribution to higher education and the promotion of equality of opportunity in society.

It could be argued that Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery and the University of Cumbria were separated at birth! In 1893 the Museum and the Art School were, along with the library, established in the same building – the aforementioned house of Isaac Tullie. Both university and museum have gone through many changes over the years, some for the good and some rather challenging but both have survived, have become part of the fabric of Cumbrian life and are probably in a stronger position now than they have been for many decades. The museum and the university have a deep and broad-working relationship which includes the university supporting the museum’s staff and organisational development and the museum supporting student teaching and access to collections - we regard it as a perfect symbiotic relationship. The 10th anniversary of the University of Cumbria feels like a turning point – the university is embracing place making and talent development to name but two priorities and this is making a positive impact within Carlisle. There is a real desire to make a difference to the city-region and the University of Cumbria is leading this renaissance.

Andrew Mackay, Director, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust

Congratulations to everyone at the University of Cumbria on reaching your tenth anniversary. The Dukes is delighted and proud to be a long-term supporter of the University and the Performing Arts course, hosting annual student productions here in Lancaster throughout that time. Best wishes for the next ten years and beyond.

Ivan Wadeson, Chief Executive The Dukes, Lancaster

In its 10 years the University of Cumbria has achieved the almost impossible: a thriving seat of learning fit for the 21st century. To us its partnerships with local businesses is invaluable. Our first trainee graduate from its law school starts with us in September 2017 with many more to come. We interact almost daily and together are building a strong and vibrant future for Cumbria. Here's to the next 100 years!

Peter Stafford, Managing Director, Cartmell Shepherd

I am delighted that the University of Cumbria has reached such a significant milestone. A university in our county is a precious thing that we should cherish and nurture. I genuinely believe that this institution can be a unique and inspirational place of learning that reflects the landscape of this special place that is Cumbria. I am proud to be associated with the university and will endeavour to support it in any way I can in the future.

Pete Woolaghan, Honorary Fellow awarded for his contribution to the development of the engineering and technology industry on the West Coast of Cumbria and Managing Director, REACT Engineering Ltd.

It is both a privilege and a pleasure to congratulate the University of Cumbria on your 10th anniversary. When the university was established in 2007, it was a game-changer for the city of Carlisle. Where once our students went away to learn, now there are so many opportunities for them to study here, at our own university. We also welcome students from around the UK and all over the world. This has brought a new vibrancy to our city and made Carlisle a great place to learn, to enjoy and to work. So many great things have been achieved over the past 10 years, this is as a result of the leadership and staff who have committed time and energy to work together. We have built partnerships and friendships, developing a strong university city, a place with a proud past and a confident future. The investment of time and resources over the past 10 years has provided a strong foundation for the future. Thank you to everyone at University of Cumbria who have made that possible.

Cllr Colin Glover, Leader of Carlisle City Council

I am delighted that in this the 10th anniversary of the University of Cumbria that a "Memorandum of Understanding" has been agreed between the university and my Farm Community Interest Company (CIC). This will mean that we will be working closely together on research projects that the students will be undertaking for their courses and which will be relevant to us having greater in-depth knowledge of the land we farm and the wildlife that the farm supports. It is also hoped that opportunities for volunteering will be taken up.

Susan Aglionby OBE DL Honorary Fellow, awarded for her contribution to organic farming and services to the Cumbrian community.

On behalf of everyone at Richard Rose Central Academy, I would like to wish the University of Cumbria a happy 10th anniversary. Ourselves and the university have been working in partnership with each other, supporting the progression of our students on to higher education and we look forward to continuing to build and strengthen our close working relationship in the next academic year. Our students have had some amazing opportunities with our year 8 students having a campus tour of the Fusehill Street campus, seeing what amazing facilities and courses are out there beyond school and college and our year 10 students went to take part in a ‘Discovery Day’ for the health courses the university offers and took part in practical sessions led by the academic staff. The sixth form here have worked very closely with the university, with assemblies happening throughout the academic year offering that key information, advice and guidance which will support them in making the best decision for them.

Stephen Gilby, Principal of Richard Rose Central Academy