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Employer guide to graduate placements and projects

Opportunities for engaging students and graduates in your business

Student Using Net BookWe offer employers a number of ways to engage a student or graduate on a placement, internship, project or more permanent employment, with varying levels of funding support.

We have around 11,000 students studying at the University of Cumbria (UoC) across a wide range of disciplines including business, computing, education, health, science, engineering, creative and performing arts.

What can a student or graduate bring to your company?

  • High levels of enthusiasm and motivation
  • A range of skills they have learned from their degree experience
  • High levels of productivity
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • No pre-conceptions of what can and can’t be done
  • Fresh ideas and a new perspective

We offer opportunities to:

  • Link with courses so you can connect with students that have the qualifications that you need
  • Access advice and support on recruiting skilled students and graduates
  • Access a range of business focused projects
  • Speak to student groups at the university
  • Advertise opportunities directly to students and graduates from many universities via our online vacancies board
  • Attend fairs and events

Project Duration  


Level of Support

Student Project


Students carry out project as part of course. No financial contribution.

Course tutor provides guidance to student. Much of the project supervision is carried out by the host organisation/business. 

Business Placement

Student or graduate employed by the university to work on a project lasting between four weeks and 12 months.

Businesses will be charged a professional services fee and are expected to contribute at least the living wage (+VAT).

The university administers regular payments to the student or graduate and facilitates the recruitment by promoting the position.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A graduate is employed by the university to work full time on a project lasting six months to three years. 

An SME will contribute £17,300 per annum (40% of the project costs) and the government will contribute £25,950 (60% of the project costs).
Eligibility criteria apply. 

A technical/academic expert from the university will develop a specific work plan and work with the graduate to achieve its objectives.
They will visit the host company providing consultancy and support for the equivalent to half a day per week. The academic contribution is valued at over £10,000 per annum.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help

Email: jobsandplacements@cumbria.ac.uk