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Welcome to Ambleside

Student life isn't only about books, tutors and working away in a library. Sometimes you will want to step out into the sunshine (it happens!) and unwind. 

What makes Ambleside a great place to live is that it's in the heart of the Lake District, which means you will have some of the gorgeous wonders of nature on your doorstep. If your idea of a good time is watching the sunset over a lake, feeling the spray of a 70-foot waterfall on your face or riding a mountain bike down something tall and craggy, then Ambleside is the place to be. 

After getting your fill of fresh air and the great outdoors, you can stroll back into the small town and visit one of the many restaurants, cafés or bars for a fun night out. 

Students Chatting on a RailingPicnic Tables By LakeSide Street With Restaurant