Masterclasses give students the opportunity to explore academic subjects of interest beyond what's covered in the school curriculum.

Masterclasses will be delivered by a leading member of academic staff. Specifically designed for students studying A-levels and other level 3 qualifications, our masterclasses offer an insight into undergraduate study and encourage topical debate.

Plus, students who complete a masterclass will be awarded up to 24 UCAS points.*

* The reduction will be applied on application and points cannot be redeemed retrospectively, if you have already applied to the University. They can only be redeemed against University of Cumbria courses linked to the masterclass.

Check out our masterclasses below. Please note: Booking is essential as places are limited!

Engaging the Inactive


How much physical activity do you engage with every week? Do you do enough? Statistics suggest at least 35% of adults in the UK do not do enough to meet the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines of 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise every week.

Securing the Transport Network

Carlisle - Fusehill Street

History confirms the transport infrastructure, such as airports, roads and railways have been subject to terrorist linked attacks.

Playing games in Mathematics


Using a variety of problem solving games and strategies to address everyday mathematical problems in an educational environment.

Group Leading


The design and narrative of this masterclass will give essential skills for leading groups for a variety of age groups, including adults.

The Psychology of Gender and Sexuality

Carlisle - Fusehill Street

Gender and sexuality are becoming increasingly important issues in modern society. This session will discuss sexual orientation and gender identity, with a focus on issues around the concept of binary gender, same-sex relationships and the LGBTQ+ community.

Offender profiling

Carlisle - Fusehill Street

TV shows such as Criminal Minds or Cracker portray criminal profilers as an integral role within the criminal justice system – but how close is this to what real life profilers do?

An Expert Witness - Police Officer Witness Statements

Carlisle - Fusehill Street

This masterclass will introduce students to the processes and procedures by which Police Officers gather and provide primary evidence in written statement form.

Spinning the Wheel - Police Operational Decision Making

Carlisle - Fusehill Street

Making decisions in Policing is a dynamic and complex process - the decisions that Police Officers make can have a profound effect on the lives of the people they come into contact with.

Off-campus Masterclasses

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