Dr Alex Benham, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer and Professional Lead for Physiotherapy, Institute of Health
  • Active Ageing Research Group (AARG)
  • Health and Wellbeing
Dr Alex Benham, PhD


After qualifying as a physiotherapist, Alex went on to complete his MSc in Musculoskeletal Healthcare from Keele and then his PhD in Pain management in 2011. He has held postdoctoral research positions working on a study investigating mirror therapy for upper-limb function in hemiparetic cerebral palsy, and in a team of researchers working on systematic reviews and clinical studies in the area of physical rehabilitation in older people and after stroke. Alex has recently returned to academia to work in the University of Cumbria after working the acute care sector as a physiotherapist and will be teaching across the MSc and BSc Physiotherapy courses.  

Qualifications and memberships

PG Cert Academic practice- York St John University

Ph.D. Pain science and Management – Leeds Metropolitan University

MSc.  Module: Introducing Acupuncture – Keele University

MSc. Neuromusculoskeletal Health Care – Keele University

BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy – University of Brighton

HND Sports and Exercise therapy – Plymouth University

Academic and research interests

Musculoskeletal health care, Pain, Anatomy and Physiology, Research methods, Evidence based practice, Elderly rehabilitation and falls, Service development.

Research supervision

Alex is currently an external supervisor for a PhD titled: The assessment of posture managmeent in children with cerebral palsy. He currently is supervising two PhD students within the University of Cumbria.


Peer Reviewed Paper Publications

Benham, A. Bampouras, T. Donovan, T. (2019) A systematic review of the psychometric properties of clinical tools to measure dual-tasking ability in adults. PROSPERO international prospective register of systematic reviews. CRD42018092273.

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Poster and Oral Conference Presentations

George, F. Gabriel, L. Benham, A. (2019) Clinical Assessments designed to measure body alignment posture in children with cerebral palsy – A systematised review. (Poster presentation) Physiotherapy UK conference, Birmingham.

Powell, D. Benham, A. Stuart S, Godfrey, A. (2019) Objective measures of brain health: A pilot study with a somatosensory device in rugby union. (Oral presentation) Physiotherapy UK conference, Birmingham.

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Deconinck F, Benham A, Flavell J, Smorenburg A, Ledebt A, Savelserg G. (2015) Feasibility and effectiveness of mirror therapy for upper limb rehabilitation in children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy. Conference abstract: Congress on Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. Maasctricht May 2015 (conference poster presentation)

Benham, A. (2014) The role of Deqi in acupuncture analgesia. Acupuncture Associate of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy conference, Hinckley, Leicester. (keynote presentation)

Henery C. Tashani O A, Benham A, Johnson MI. Does Body Fat Content affect Cold and Heat Pain thresholds in Healthy Adults? International association for the study of pain congress, Montreal, August 2010 (conference poster presentation)

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Benham A, Introwicz B, Waterfield J, Derricott H, Mahon M. An investigation into intra-individual variations of the bifurcation of the radial nerve: British Association of Clinical Anatomists Summer Meet (oral presentation)

Recent external roles

Alex is on the International Advisory Board for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's journal, Physiotherapy.