Current projects

    • Developing e-learning materials for current taught modules and evaluating the impact of these upon student performance, satisfaction and progression
    • Embedding entrepreneurial thinking into undergraduate programmes
    • Working closely with representatives from private sector and public sector organisations by linking up student projects with active clients  
    • 24 month Knowledge Transfer Project with a consortium of independent retailers in Carlisle, Cumbria. The project is developing a community of practice around the use of the web, social media and knowledge sharing to enable small, independent retailers to compete effectively with high-street brands that have a national presence.  

Qualifications and memberships

MSc E-Commerce, Fellow of the NCEE International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme, APMP Level D Award - Association of Project Management

Academic and research interests

Technology and its role in the workplace The application of new and emerging technologies to current problems in a social, business and environmental context Exploring the effective use of IT, examining why people choose the technology solutions that they do and identifying aspects of dependence, overuse and missed opportunities

Project Management as a profession and a specialist skill and career choice in its own right

Evaluating the impact of project management education and training on project performance within an industrial setting


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Wiscombe, C., Dobson, C., Carter, H., Maynard, L. (2014) The Aspiring Leaders Programme 2011-2014: Collaboration and Impact. University of Cumbria Research and Enterprise Conference 2014. Dobson, C. (2013) 'Using live projects and experiential learning to enhance employability and enterprise skills in undergraduates'. International Enterprise Educators Conference, Sheffield University, UK. Successful Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) with M&K Update (21 months), Keswick, Cumbria.

Development of e-learning portal for healthcare professionals Successful Short KTP (10 months) with H. Hogarth, Jewellers, Kendal, Cumbria. Development of e-commerce website