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Offer Guidance for Health Courses

Your Offer Conditions

Any offer conditions are detailed on UCAS Track or if you have applied directly these are within your offer e-mail.

How do I meet my offer conditions?

If you accept our offer as your firm/first choice we will contact you from April onwards to begin any Admission Checks* and complete your offer conditions.

*Admissions Checks – these can range from proving your qualifications detailed on your application form (all applicants must do this) to a criminal background check or medical, depending on your course.

All Admissions checks must be achieved by 31 August for September courses.

What do I do next?

How do I accept my place?

To accept your offer, go to UCAS Track or if you have applied directly inform Admissions at healthadmissions@cumbria.ac.uk

If you have applied via UCAS click here for guidance on UCAS Track on deadlines of when you can reply

If you accept our offer we will contact you to begin admission checks and complete your offer conditions (from April onwards for September entry).

Where and how do I send in my qualifications?

Evidence of your ‘Entry Qualifications’

We will need to see evidence of the academic qualifications that you have listed on your application form. Evidence of your qualifications must be provided by 31 August 2015. You will be asked to provide your COPY certificates and/or final transcript showing result of your qualification OR an official letter from school or college confirming the qualification awarded to you.

You can scan and send these to healthadmissions@cumbria.ac.uk, fax them to 01524 384567 or send COPIES to:

Health Admissions
University of Cumbria
Bowerham Road

A Level/BTEC results/Access to HE

If you are currently studying your A-levels or BTEC qualification you do not need to provide these results as we should automatically receive this information from UCAS (If you have applied directly you MUST provide us with this information). Applicants that are studying Access to HE programmes are asked to provide their transcript by admissions.

Evidence of Mathematics/English/Science GCSE

If you have applied for a course that requires evidence of passing GCSEs (or equivalent qualifications) you will need to provide confirmation of your results in August as we cannot obtain this information from UCAS. If you have already gained these qualifications you must provide documentary evidence as above.

If you have any concerns about your offer conditions as indicated above please contact us for help: healthadmissions@cumbria.ac.uk

We would remind you that ALL health students must hold passes at grade C GCSE or equivalent in a range of subjects as outlined below:

  • BSc Diagnostic Radiography (English Language, Maths, Science)
  • BSc Physiotherapy & BSc Midwifery (English Language, Maths, Biology or Combined Science)
  • BSc Occupational Therapy (English Language)
  • BSc Nursing Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Child, Adult (English Language, Maths Science / Social Science)

What happens if I can’t find my certificates?

Failure to produce evidence of qualifications which meet entry requirements by the 31 August 2015 will mean that you may not be permitted to register and you will forfeit your place on the course. Access to bursaries and loans will be withheld until you have completed all admissions checks for your course.

If you have lost your level 3 or GCSE certificates you must take steps to obtain replacements without delay (as these can take several weeks to arrive). Here are links to the most common examination boards websites from whom you can order replacements.

NHS Funding

Please note your offer is subject to having an NHS funded place. Eligibility for NHS funding will be confirmed by the NHS Student Bursaries Unit once you have applied for your funding. To apply go to NHS Bursaries Unit to create your Bursary Online Support Account (BOSS Account).

For BSc Occupational Therapy, BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Occupational Therapy and BSc Adult Nursing we are able to offer places to students who are not eligible for a NHS funded place. If you are not eligible for NHS funding you will be required to pay the overseas fees rate for the course.

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Clearance Procedure: Criminal Records Background Check and Self-Disclosure – IMPORTANT

As your course gives substantial access to young people or vulnerable groups, it is a condition of your offer that you undergo an Enhanced DBS check and that we receive a satisfactory outcome to this. If you are accepting our offer as your firm choice we need to know now if you have any criminal record to declare. This will enable us to assess your suitability to train in your chosen field.

It is really important that all applicants read our information page where you can find the self-declaration form for this purpose. Even if you do not think that you have anything you need to disclose to us, this is a very complex area, so please read this information page to find out more.

Applying for your DBS check

Please note that the self-declaration form is not your actual DBS application/DBS check but is a part of our procedures: we will contact you approximately 4 months prior to course start with instructions for starting your DBS application.

DBS application fee

There will be a fee for the DBS application, which you pay online at the time of submitting your DBS application. This will be in the region of £50-£60 (to be confirmed).

If you are on an NHS-funded course (BSc/MSc Occupational Therapy, BSc Physiotherapy, BSc Diagnostic Radiography, BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery) and you are a Home/EU student the cost will be covered by the NHS. If you are an overseas student on an NHS course or transferring from another institution you will be required to pay for the DBS check.

Update Service

If you already have an Enhanced DBS check from another role and have registered with the DBS Update Service, it may be possible for you to use this check for your course. This is subject to the check meeting the University of Cumbria’s requirements in terms of matching your area of study. You will be given an opportunity to discuss this approximately 4 months prior to course start when we contact all applicants regarding the DBS application process.

Medical clearance

You will be asked to complete a medical clearance questionnaire which will ascertain your fitness to join the course. This is a confidential form which you must complete and return to occupational.health@bfwhospitals.nhs.uk

This will be sent approximately four months prior to the start of your course, to complete and return to the Occupational Health Department. If further medical investigation is required, the Occupational Health Department will contact you directly. Any costs incurred must be met by you.

Health Care Experience/Hospital Visit (BSc Radiography)

If your offer includes the above, you must complete this experience/visit and the relevant report/visit form and return to the Health Admissions office no later than 31 July. We will be looking for a satisfactory outcome in order to confirm your place.

Student visit form

Clinical tutor visit form

NMC Reference (BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery)

If as part of your offer conditions you have been asked to provide an additional reference which meets the requirements of the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) you will have been sent an e-mail with further information on what you need to do. NMC reference guidance and reference form are available below:

Reference guidance

Reference form

When will I receive information about my start date and welcome week?

If you are starting a programme in September you will receive registration and welcome information from mid-August.

Is there a timetable available?

There will be information regarding registration on course in your welcome pack that you will receive in August. We will put your welcome week and draft semester one timetable online in August for you.

Your admissions contact: Health Admissions. If you have any concerns about your offer conditions as indicated above please contact us for help: health admissions

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