One member of staff making a regular commute between Workington and Carlisle has started saving around £2600 per year in fuel costs. Combined with discounted campus parking permits and dedicated on-campus liftsharers' parking spaces, this is making a difference.

To find out more, see CumbriaUniCarShare. The site can also be used to find somebody to walk or cycle to campus with. CumbriaUniCarShare can help you find people to share your car, bike or walking journey. The site is operated on behalf of the university by ltd. Students can use it to offer or find lifts for business and commuting journeys.

You should register with the university student group. When you're entering details of a lift, you can choose to open this up to the general public ( has about 400,000 users in the UK), but otherwise your details will stay within the university staff or student group. Registration is only available to people with email addresses that end or

If you're concerned about safety and security, please read the specific guidance that on the website.

The site can also help to find 'buddies' for people who walk or cycle to university - if you would like to find someone to walk or cycle with, register with the site and have a look.

Supercommuters: A cartoon person driving a with a person stood outside in a suit, cape and underwear


From the 1st-7th October 2018, the Unviersity is celebrating Liftshare Week 2018 by running a week-long campaign to turn Lancashire and Cumbria based staff and students into ‘super commuters’ through promoting the free-to-use Liftshare scheme. The University’s bespoke car sharing scheme reduces congestion, helps reduce the environmental impact and can save the average commuter up to £1,000 a year!

The University already offers staff and students free access to, a platform which allows staff and students with empty car seats to connect with those who need a lift and enabling them to share. During Liftshare Week, we are campaigning to make the social, environmental and financial benefits of sharing available to everyone by raising awareness of and debunking some of the common myths that create barriers to sharing a vehicle.

The future of sustainable transport is prominent in the public consciousness at the moment, with stories of rising public transport fares prolific in the press, as well as the development of emission-free zones in major cities and rapid technological developments meaning that the days of the manual, single occupancy motor vehicle could be numbered. The University of Cumbria are leading the way by demonstrating that car-sharing will be a part of shaping the future of sustainable transport in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Liftshare Week runs from 1st –7th October 2018. To join and use for free.

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