The following governance and corporate documents show how the University of Cumbria is performing against its objectives, year on year. In addition, you can also read our strategic plan 2017-2020.

Enriching People Through Place

Our three-year strategic plan builds on the achievements of the last decade to position us as a thriving, lead player in delivering professional higher-level learning to meet the demands of an ever evolving workforce and emerging markets.

Our Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Annual Report

The university is required to publish an annual review each academic year, reflecting on the year's activities and achievements.  The document also includes our accounts. 

Download or view the current and previous reports/reviews:

Annual Report

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Remuneration Committee Annual Report to the University Board

From 2017-18, the university is required to publish an Annual Report from the Remuneration Committee to the University Board, in line with best practice and as required to comply with the Committee of University Chairs’ Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code.

Download or view this report:

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Student Charter

Our charter is for those students who are enrolled with us and who are directly receiving teaching and learning through the university. The staff and student leaders of the university endorse this charter and agree to actively represent the principles and values which it contains.

It has been developed in partnership with the Students’ Union (UCSU).

Read our Charter

Student Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan is a requirement for all universities registered with the Office for Students (OfS).

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 requires all higher education providers to produce and publish a Student Protection Plan which articulates how a provider will preserve the continuation and quality of study for students. For more information, please read the full Student Protection Plan.

Download the Student Protection Plan (PDF)

Access and Participation Plan

All universities registered with the Office for Students (OfS) are required to have an Access and Participation Plan from 2019/20. The Access and Participation Plan replaces the Access Agreements that were approved by Office for Fair Access.

The University’s Access and Participation Plan, approved by the Office for Students, is in support of the University’s Strategic Plan which has raising aspirations and attainment across all student groups at its heart.

Modern Slavery Statement

The University’s statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, has been produced and is available here in accordance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act requires the University of Cumbria, as a public sector body, to provide basic financial information under our Publication Scheme.

As part of this scheme we provide public access to the following financial documents:

More information can be found in a dedicated Publication Scheme area of our website.

Gift and Hospitality Register

The university's Gift and Hospitality Register is available on request. Please contact our Resource Support Team at