The following governance and corporate documents show how the University of Cumbria is performing against its objectives, year on year. In addition, you can also read our 'Towards 2030' strategy document.

A bright future

Looking towards 2030 and the future, our university is entering a new era, delivering inspirational, inclusive and accessible higher education to students and communities for generations to come.

We have set out a new strategic intent document laying out our vision, aims and objectives with success measures for the next eight years to 2030. Click on the link below to read the full strategy document or choose to read one of the articles most relevant to you.

'Towards 2030' - Read Our Strategy 

Learn how we are transforming lives and livelihoods and hear views from those we work with, in, for and from Cumbria.


Annual Report

The University is required to publish an annual review each academic year, reflecting on the year's activities and achievements.  The document also includes our accounts. 

Download or view the current and previous reports/reviews:

Remuneration Committee Annual Report

The University is required to publish an Annual Report from the Remuneration Committee to the University Board, in line with best practice and as required to comply with the Committee of University Chairs’ Higher Education Senior Staff Remuneration Code.Remuneration Committee Annual Report to the University Board

Please see the links below for reports from 2017-2018


Student Charter

Our charter is for those students who are enrolled with us and who are directly receiving teaching and learning through the university. The staff and student leaders of the university endorse this charter and agree to actively represent the principles and values which it contains.

It has been developed in partnership with the Students’ Union (UCSU).

Read our Charter

Student Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan is a requirement for all universities registered with the Office for Students (OfS).

The Higher Education and Research Act 2017 requires all higher education providers to produce and publish a Student Protection Plan which articulates how a provider will preserve the continuation and quality of study for students. For more information, please read the Student Protection Plan 2023 / 2024 and Student Protection Plan Operating Procedure.

Access and Participation Plan

All universities registered with the Office for Students (OfS) are required to have an Access and Participation Plan from 2019/20. The Access and Participation Plan replaces the Access Agreements that were approved by Office for Fair Access.

The University’s Access and Participation Plan, approved by the Office for Students, is in support of the University’s Strategic Plan which has raising aspirations and attainment across all student groups at its heart. The Provider Impact Report summarises progress made by the University.

Course Fees

Summary of 2022-23 course fees

Summary of 2023-24 course fees

Previous Access and Participation Plans

Transparency Data 2021

The University of Cumbria Transparency Tables 21 show:

The number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us.

It shows these numbers by reference to:

The data does not include information about the context, such as the smaller number of students in some groups or students’ entry qualifications and prior educational experience. We recognise that of gaps in attainment for students from Asian, Black and Mixed Ethnicity backgrounds, and those from homes experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage. The University of Cumbria is fully committed to the delivery of a comprehensive action plan, through the Access and Participation Plan 2020-25, which directly addresses the attainment gap for students from these underrepresented groups.  

Degree Outcomes Statement

In May 2019 the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment published a Statement of Intent stating that every institution awarding degrees should publish a Degree Outcomes Statement which  analyses their degree classification profile and articules the results of an internal institutional in the context of internal arrangements for teaching, learning and assessment, academic regulations and academic governance. The University of Cumbria Degree Outcomes Statement 2023 was considered by Academic Board and approved by the University Board.

Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act requires the University of Cumbria, as a public sector body, to provide basic financial information under our Publication Scheme.

As part of this scheme we provide public access to the following financial documents:

More information can be found in a dedicated Publication Scheme area of our website.

Gift and Hospitality Register

The university's Gift and Hospitality Register is available on request. Please contact our Resource Support Team at

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