The following governance and corporate documents show how the University of Cumbria is performing against its objectives, year on year. In addition, you can also read our corporate strategy 2015-18.

Corporate Strategy 2015-18

The university retains its ambitions to grow and new markets and academic programme areas continue to be explored. The challenging HE operating environment remains, but the University of Cumbria is well placed to tackle whatever lies ahead.

The intentions and strategies of the university, set out in the Corporate Strategy and annual operating plan provides a blueprint for tackling both internal and external challenges, and significant progress has been made across all areas during the past few years in all areas towards achieving our long term goals and aims. We are proud of the developing position of the university at the heart of the region, and are energetically developing national and international connections that support our vision of a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial university community, with sustainability as its foundation.

With this shared vision, both staff, students, alumni, university board members and our stakeholders continue to work to establish the University of Cumbria as a recognised centre of academic, professional and educational excellence.

Download our Corporate Strategy 2015-18

Annual Report

The university is required to publish an annual review each academic year, reflecting on the year's activities and achievements.  The document also includes our accounts. 

Download or view the current and previous reports/reviews:

Annual Report

2015-16 View Download
2014-15 View Download
2013-14 View Download

Annual Review

2012-13 View Download
2011-12 View Download
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Operating and Financial Review 

2012-13 View Download

Modern Slavery Statement

The University’s statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, has been produced and is available here in accordance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Office for Fair Access (OFFA) Access Agreement

The university’s Office for Fair Access (OFFA) Access Agreement reflects our commitment to deliver additional outreach and retention activity as well as developing a new more targeted financial support package for individual students.

Financial Accounts

A summary of the university's income and expenditure can be found here.

The university's financial statements are available for download:

Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act requires the University of Cumbria, as a public sector body, to provide basic financial information under our Publication Scheme.

As part of this scheme we provide public access to the following financial documents:

More information can be found in a dedicated Publication Scheme area of our website.

Gift and Hospitality Register

The university's Gift and Hospitality Register is available on request. Please contact our Resource Support Team at


Connect is the university's staff magazine. It contains news and features about events at the university and the achievements of staff and students. If you would like to contribute to the magazine please send requests to Julie Ratcliffe, Senior Communications Officer.

Click on the links below to download past editions of Connect.

Student Charter

Our charter is for those students who are enrolled with us and who are directly receiving teaching and learning through the university. The staff and student leaders of the university endorse this charter and agree to actively represent the principles and values which it contains.

It has been developed in partnership with the Students’ Union (UCSU).

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