Towards 2030

Towards 2030

The University of Cumbria’s vision is to transform lives and livelihoods through learning, applied research and practice - for now and for our future generations.

Testimonials Learn how we are transforming lives and livelihoods and hear views from those we work with, in, for and from Cumbria.

A bright future

We are the University of Cumbria, for and from Cumbria and our localities, rooted in and serving our communities, with people, place and partnership at our heart.

Headquartered in and from the incredible landscape and natural environment of Cumbria, with campuses in Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, and our capital city London (and Barrow from 2024), our academic, practice-based and applied research focus, and our approach to student and staff wellbeing, work environments and practices, draws on and respects this privileged position.

Looking towards 2030 and the future, our university is entering a new era, delivering inspirational, inclusive and accessible higher education to students and communities for generations to come. We will do this from our campuses in key locations and by embracing and harnessing the power of digital technologies.

Bold campus developments will create outstanding state of the art facilities for staff, students and communities. Symbolic landmarks will innovate, inspire and spark vibrancy through creativity, learning and rich research as digital transformations and technological advances drive forward and expand the delivery and portfolio of our university’s flexible and diverse academic programmes.

We have set out a new strategic intent document laying out our vision, aims and objectives with success measures for the next eight years to 2030. Click on the link below to read the full strategy document or choose to read one of the articles most relevant to you.

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'Towards 2030' - Read our strategy
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