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A Low Carbon Innovation Project

Eco-I north-west is a low carbon innovation project that supports micro, small and medium enterprises with research and development

ECO I NW draws on regional research and development capabilities to support low carbon business innovation across Cumbria and aims to deliver a transition to a low carbon economy across all business sectors.

The project is not led by specific carbon reduction technologies and is instead driven by the needs of the resourceful and innovative businesses we work with. As such, ECO I NW aims to facilitate a collaborative approach to problem-solving, involving practical and academic input and guidance.

This collaborative approach is at the heart of ECO I NW. We are a partnership project, which includes the universities of Lancaster, Central Lancashire, Cumbria, Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool and Manchester Met. ECO I NW, therefore, operates across multiple Local Enterprise Partnership areas in the North West of England.

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Collaborate with a university

It is proven that collaborating with universities on research and development generates a higher return on investments than projects without academic input. The Dowling Report (2015) found that for every pound invested in R&D, projects who collaborated with academic partners saw a return of over £9 Gross Value Added (GVA), compared to just over £4 GVA for projects without academic involvement.

The ECO I NW team is keen to hear from and work with Cumbrian SMEs looking to boost their low carbon innovation activity.

This is a fully-funded programme available to European Regional Development Fund eligible companies.
ECO-I NW builds on a previous ERDF-funded Eco-Innovation project.

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How Eco-I North West can help your business?

Internships and Master's Research placements

ECO I NW and the University of Cumbria offer carbon reduction innovation research and development support through Innovation Research Projects. Our student researchers and academics will provide your business with robust research, academic expertise, and knowledge to help you drive innovation forward.

Internships provide 20 days (140 hours) of flexible research support to meet the innovation needs of your business.
Master's placement research projects provide up to 4-months of in-depth carbon reduction innovation research.


Get in touch with the ECO I NW Team

For more information about the project and how we can support your business, please contact:
Mike Siddall - Eco-I North West Project Manager
Laura Giles - Carbon Innovation Fellow

Benefits to your business

Increased return on R&D investment.

Access extensive research and development support at the state of the art laboratories and facilities.

Speed up innovation and support transition to zero-carbon by developing new low carbon products and services.

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ECO-I North West events

Our programme of funded workshop and events has been created to meet businesses’ innovation needs. The programme focuses on each aspect of the carbon innovation journey.

Our events provide businesses with valuable opportunities to hear from expert speakers, network with other Cumbrian business, and share best practice.

Eco-I NW Low Carbon Events Programme

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Get paid carbon reduction innovation research experience with our internships and master's placement opportunities

Our ECO I North West low carbon innovation research projects are an ideal way for you to extend your research skills and enhance your employability. Work with a real business to help address their low carbon innovation needs and boost your CV along the way. You’ll be paid for your work on the project. Find out more about the different ways to get involved below.

Paid internships

Part-Funded Master's Placements

Is an Internship or Master's Placement for me?

Student Internships and Master's Placements: How to Search and Apply?