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Cumbria Innovations Platform (CUSP II)

Boosting Economic Growth in Cumbria

Cumbria Innovations Platform (CUSP II) aims to help boost economic growth in Cumbria by providing micro, small and medium enterprises with a competitive edge.

The platform offers a diverse range of facilities, drawing on the research and development capabilities and experience of the universities of Lancaster and Cumbria to provide bespoke business support.

CUSP II is designed for inventive, innovative Cumbria businesses who want to accelerate their growth through collaboration with academic expertise and specialist resources from the universities of Cumbria and Lancaster. By pooling their capabilities, the universities can offer tailored and multifaceted business support across five unique formats. This platform of innovation support allows your business to explore new ideas with practical and academic input and guidance.

It is proven that collaborating with universities on research and development generates a higher return on investments than projects without academic input. The Dowling Report (2015) found that for every pound invested in R&D, projects who collaborated with academic partners saw a return of over £9 Gross Value Added (GVA), compared to just over £4 GVA for projects without academic involvement.

The universities of Cumbria and Lancaster pool their capabilities together to enable multifaceted, tailored business support in five different formats. It will allow you to explore new ideas by providing practical and academic guidance.

The CUSP II team is keen to hear from and work with Cumbrian SMEs looking to boost their innovation activity and grow their business.

This is a fully-funded programme available to European Regional Development Fund eligible companies.

How CUSP II can help your business?

Internships & Master's Research Placements

Innovation Masterclasses & Events

Access to Unique Facilities

Digital Product Design

Innovation Catalyst Programme


Get in touch with the CUSP II Team

For more information about the project and how we can support your business, please contact Sarah Allison, Project Manager

Benefits of The Cumbria Innovations Platform

We assess your technical readiness and innovation potential.

Offer resources to reduce the risk of research and development, with access to specialist academic knowledge and expertise.

Increase your capacity and capability to accelerate innovation and business growth, while supporting the development and commercialisation of new products to enhance your competitive edge.

Get paid business innovation research experience with our internships and master's placement opportunities.

Our CUSP II innovation research projects are an ideal way for you to extend your research skills and enhance your employability. Work with a real business to help address their innovation needs and boost your CV along the way. You’ll be paid for your work on the project. Find out more about the different ways to get involved below.

Paid Internships

Master's Research Placements

Is an Internship or Master's Placement for me?

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