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Clearing 2023

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Clearing 2023

Clearing 2023 Key Dates

8th June: Decline by default deadline (if you had your offer before 18th May)

4th July: Deadline for UCAS Extra

5th July: Clearing opens for applications

17th July: Decline by default deadline (if you had your offer before 12th July)

8th August: Scotland SQA results day

17th August: UK A-Level results day

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Clearing 2023 Key Dates

Apply to University Through Clearing

Become Who You're Meant to Be

UCAS Clearing is your opportunity to apply to university if you haven’t yet secured a place.

Whether you don’t get the grades you’d hoped for, you’ve changed your mind about the university or course you’d previously accepted, you get better results than expected, or you just haven’t made any applications yet before getting your results, Clearing is your opportunity to choose what’s best for you. And (not to be biased or anything…), we think we could be just that!

Find out everything you need to know about University Clearing below and take the next step to securing your clearing place at Cumbria.

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Everything You Need to Know About Clearing

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Five essential things to know about clearing