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Hotline opening times

Clearing 2022 hotline opening times


Friday 19th August: 8am-7pm

Saturday 20th August: 9am-4pm

Sunday 21st August: 11am-2pm


Monday 22nd August: 9am-5pm

Tuesday 23rd August: 9am-5pm

Wednesday 24th August: 9am-5pm

Thursday 25th August: 9am-5pm

Friday 26th August: 9am-5pm

Saturday 27th August: 10am-12pm

Sunday 28th August: 10am-12pm


Monday 29th August: 10am-12pm

Tuesday 30th August: 9am-5pm

Wednesday 31st August: 9am-5pm



Thursday 1st September: 9am-5pm

Friday 2nd September: 9am-5pm

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