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We all face times in our lives where we have to make challenging, sometimes life-altering decisions. You might be choosing or switching careers, don't know which degree is right for us or don't have the right qualifications to take the next step.


This year making these decisions may seem even more difficult than any other time. But this isn't true; there has never been a better time to be the change you want to be by studying for a degree.


As we move through the new world of social distancing, there's more time spare time than ever before. In September 2020 you could fill this extra time studying and making your way towards any one of the careers below.



What is an integrated foundation year degree


Whether you want to save lives, support your community, be an entrepreneur or change the world in other ways - we've got it covered.


Our range of integrated foundation degrees give you an extra year of study to enable you to explore a broad range of subjects.


By the end of your first year, you will have a new understanding of yourself, and your unique talents, skills and gifts. You will know what your ideal job looks like, to you.


Once you successfully complete your first year you can choose what undergraduate degree you want to focus on to suit your talent and desired career ambitions. And we will guarantee you a place (some course may require an audition or interview).




Integrated foundation degrees are for people:

What courses can I take?

More than 400 students have already graduated from Cumbria having begun their learning journey on an integrated foundation degree.

Integrated Foundation Year Framework, Integrated Foundation Year Framework

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Frequently Asked Questions

This degree is designed to help people who want to study at university, but don’t have qualifications (such as A-levels) in the right subject areas or with the right grade. We see a lot of applicants from people who have left school already and want to move into a different career or are just leaving school and have changed their mind about what they want to study.

Q) Which foundation degree courses can I take?

Over 400 students have already graduated with us following the Integrated Foundation Degree. These are the courses available to you.


Institute of Health


Institute of Business Industry and Leadership


Institute of Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies


Institute of Arts

Q) How long will I be studying a foundation degree for?

A) Your integrated foundation year is 3 terms, starting in September 2020. You will then move onto the 3-year degree programme from September 2021.

Q) What qualifications do I need?

Entry onto our 4-year degrees with an integrated foundation year typically requires between 56-72 UCAS points, however, you should refer the specific course pages for specific details of entry requirements. Potential to succeed can be measured in a number of ways including academic qualifications and skills obtained outside academic study such as work experience.  We have a points range so we can take into account all of the information on your application form and adjust the offer from the evidence provided.

Q) How much does a foundation degree cost?

If you join us in September 2020 the foundation year (year 1) will be at a reduced cost of £6,000. Following that the fee will follow the usual BA/BSc fee.


2020/21 tuition fees


Annual fee

BA, BSc, BEng or LLB


BA, BSc with integrated foundation year

£6,000 (year 1)
BA or BSc fee for the year of study applies in years 2-4

 For more information and details on financing, visit the student finance or Bursaries page.

Q) Am I eligible for student finance with a foundation degree?

If you are from the UK, you can apply for a loan to help with the cost of university fees. There are two types of loans you may be able to apply for - tuition fee and maintenance loans. There are no age limits on eligibility for tuition fee loans and government maintenance grants, so mature students can apply – provided this is your first degree.

Tuition Fee Loans

Full-time students from the UK can apply for a tuition fee loan up to £9,250 in 2020/21. This is paid directly to the university each year, and is not dependent on your household income.


Maintenance Loans

You can apply for a maintenance loan to assist with meeting living costs such as food, accommodation and travel expenses. These are normally paid in three instalments throughout the university year directly to your bank account.

Q) What if I’ve studied at university before?

If you have undertaken any other previous Higher Education study, it is important to be aware that this can sometimes have an impact on the student funding, including tuition fee loans, available to you when you start a new course.

This is a complex area. If you are not sure of your entitlement to funding, it is important that you seek advice from your funding organisation or with a Student Money Adviser who can clarify exactly how your previous study will impact your future student funding entitlement.

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