The University of Cumbria offers state of the art facilities. If you would like more details about hiring any of our specialist facilities please contact us.

A male paramedic

Healthcare Simulation

The University of Cumbria has a state of the art ambulance simulator.

This ‘simulated learning ambulance’ is a replica of a Mercedes-Benz ambulance, to understand what it is like to work under pressure responding to life threatening emergencies in the confined space of a real ambulance.

If you would like more details about hiring this or any other of our health care simulation labs please contact us:


A photo of Ben Wangeye

Media Studios

We can offer media resources that includes Film and Television Production, professional video-editing suites and cameras, sound recording equipment and radio suites.

If you would to know more about hiring these facilities please contact Brampton Road Reception:  


Telephone: 01228 400300

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