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Job Vacancies

Interested in working for the University of Cumbria? Join a welcoming community of over 1,000 employees that embraces enthusiastic people looking to make a change in their field of expertise.

Recent Successes

We are proud of the many successes we have achieved as a university. If you'd like to find out our most recent successes, just click the button below to visit our News section.

University News
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Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are dedicated to offering the highest standard of higher education and improving the lives of those in our community. Find out what we as a university strive towards.

Our Mission, Vision and Values
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Relocating to Cumbria

If you want to work for the University of Cumbria, but are not from the area yourself, then you may be worried about moving to a new region. To help with this, we have put together a comprehensive guide to make sure you are fully prepared for relocating to your new job.

Relocation Guide
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