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A university degree is a fantastic asset in life and for many students A-level results day is a time to celebrate, but if you are keen to further your studies at university and haven’t achieved the grades you needed, have changed your mind or have left it too late to apply, do not be disheartened or give up, as the chances are you can still go to university through Clearing.

Students from the University of Cumbria who have all survived the Clearing process have made a video to help others navigate the pitfalls and get their higher education back on track.

Changing your mind about a course or university once results come in is a common issue, as students have to choose their options so far in advance. To help others who are considering going through Clearing Iona, Charles, Shane and Sophie offer top tips on what to expect and explain how easy and ultimately how stress free the process is.

Gill Haigh, Director of Marketing and Recruitment at the University of Cumbria, said, “Our students just go to show that if you don’t get the grades for your first choice or, even if you do but think you may have chosen the wrong course or university, entering Clearing can be highly beneficial and is a really simple, stress free process. Our advice is to give us a call and see what options are open to you.”

So how can parents help and support their child?

Going through Clearing to secure a place at university can be one of the most stressful periods in the life of a student and their parents. Whilst you'll may want to take a proactive role in helping your son or daughter, it is essential that you let them take the lead when it comes to Clearing as the university will only ‘talk’ to the applicant.

Here are some tips to get you and your student successfully through the process.

  • Work with your son or daughter to approach Clearing in a calm, composed and organised manner- it is vital that they don't rush into making any decisions they may regret later.
  • Encourage them to research courses which interest them thoroughly and make a list of the available courses in order of preference; discuss options with them but it is important to let them decide.
  • Make sure they and not you call the university or college! This can be a frustrating time for any parent who wants to be able to help as much as possible, but it is important that universities hear from the student who wishes to study in their institution rather than their parents.
  • Ensure your child is prepared when they call a university or college to discuss a course and that they have all their details to hand, including their UCAS number, details of results including GCSE’s and a personal statement including why that course and university is of interest.
  • Don’t make any concrete plans for the Friday and Saturday after results day as many Clearing places may depend on interviews and you may need to attend an Open Day, or have an audition. It is important to keep your time free so you can visit universities if you are in Clearing.

The University of Cumbria has lots of helpful tips and advice for students who are considering going through Clearing. Find out more at

The clearing hotline is 0808 178 7373 or +44 (1524) 590 800 for international calls and will open on Thursday 18 August at 6.30am.