Estonian teachers learn during Lancaster visit

Estonian teachers learn during Lancaster visit  name

A group of teachers from Kohila in Estonia have spent time in north Lancashire as guests of the University of Cumbria’s Institute of Education.

The party, all preschool teachers, spent a week working with the department to see how early years and primary school teachers in the UK are trained.

The visit also included visits to Quernmore Primary School near Lancaster as well as some of the area’s cultural attractions.

”The link between Estonia and the university was first established by former student Eveliis Muller who came from the country to study here,” Kelly Powell, education HEFCE programme leader, said. “This latest visit was organised by third year undergraduate student Emily Costley-Wood.”

A session on phonics with principal lecturer Jan Ashbridge prompted particular interest among the visitors.

“Teaching is very enthusiastic here and we’ll be trying to take home this kind of teaching,” Kairi Lillemae said adding how the group had enjoyed their time at the Lancaster campus. “It’s very homely and there’s friendly feel here.”

The visit is the latest in a series of international ties established by the university’s Institute of Education. Earlier this year a group of Nigerian teachers and academics spent time in Lancashire and south Cumbria as guests of the institute.