Male abuse follow up survey launched

Male abuse follow up survey launched name

A study to investigate why men in abusive or aggressive relationships are reluctant to ask for help has been launched by psychologists at the University of Cumbria.

The survey is a follow up to work carried out last year which saw 161 men answer an online survey which prompted more in depth interviews.

The work is to be carried out jointly by Dr Liz Bates, a senior lecturer in applied psychology, along with principal lecturer Dr Julie Taylor.

“We have confirmed a real issue here and the challenge now is to look at what barriers exist for men when trying to ask for help, or leave the relationship,” Dr Bates said. “We’re specifically looking to identify the hurdles that exist with the aim of identifying what can be done to encourage more men to take the first step to ask for help.”

A survey, which is anonymous, is now open:

Last week research work carried out by the University of Cumbria was presented at the University of Frankfurt at an event said to be among the first in Germany to highlight the issue of male abuse.

Dr Bates is also preparing to present at the Psychologist in the Pub event to be held in Birmingham next month

“It’s encouraging this issue is now receiving more attention and we’re hopeful this latest research will influence change among those organisations that offer support to enable them to help more men in crisis,” Dr Bates said.

The survey is open until July.