Megan explores 'Mind of a Survivor'

Megan explores 'Mind of a Survivor'  name

International explorer, survival guide and now author; for adventurer and former University of Cumbria student Megan Hine, it's a career that shows no sign of plateauing.

Her new book Mind of a Survivor Megan contains details some of her adventures where mind and body have been pushed to their limits and considers whether some of those skills are transferable to everyday life.  

From being chased through the jungle by armed opium farm guards to abseiling past bears and lighting fires with tampons, Megan has seen and done it all. Through frozen tundra, sweltering deserts, humid jungles, perilous mountains and fast-flowing rivers she takes readers on a journey through some of the world’s most challenging terrain.

Whilst leading expeditions, bush craft survival courses and in her work on television shows such as Bear Gryll's Mission Survive, The Island and Running Wild, Megan has explored the globe in pursuit of adventure.

As a member of the University of Cumbria’s outdoor studies ‘class of 2006’  many at the university have watched with interest how her career has blossomed over the last decade.   

“When she left university I understand she took an apprenticeship with a bush craft company and spent 6 months living in the Lake District National Park in a leaf shelter; little wonder it gave her an appetite to go onto greater things,” Joanne Lusher, alumni relations officer, said. “She is an inspiration and watching her career go from strength to strength is bound to inspire our current students and encourage them to aim high.”