Shrimps enjoy new fixture at university

Shrimps enjoy new fixture at university name

Players from Morecambe Football Club recovering after injury have been receiving top treatment from the University of Cumbria as part of a pioneering scheme.

The Shrimps have been given access to state of the art performance laboratories at the university’s Lancaster campus which house equipment used to accurately measure leg strength. By comparing how uninjured knees and ankles perform club physios can work out how much treatment is needed on injured limbs.

University sports therapist Adam Smith said: “This relationship is mutually beneficial for both the university and Morecambe FC.”

He added: “Morecambe’s aim is injury prevention so anything that allows the club to assess players by using our equipment allows the club to chart how each player is performing now and in the future.”

In a recent assessment three players were out through their paces with third year sports rehabilitation students able to view the process, something that it’s hoped will become a regular fixture in 2019

Morecambe FC club sports therapist Gareth Thomas said: “It’s great to have a close relationship with the university on our doorstep.”

“Being able to build up a database of information about individual players’ fitness levels is going to be really useful in helping them come back to fitness after periods of injury or simply to help them reach peak condition.”

More players are due to make use of the facilities in the New Year with students again set to benefit from working with top flight professional sportsmen.