Students support Carlisle Food Bank

Students support Carlisle Food Bank name

Students studying health, psychology and social studies at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle are to donate food and take part in a seminar examining austerity and food banks.

Colin Glover the leader of Carlisle City Council and Rachel Rodway from Carlisle Food Bank will be taking part in the seminar, one of a series to consider the topic of poverty and social justice. Organisers say it's a way of giving students as well as university staff the chance to hear a range of perspectives from key community organisations.

“This about how students are learning about social justice issues and community support for people as part of their academic and professional learning, and how they want to put that into practice by undertaking these collections,” Chris Robinson, research and teaching assistant in working with children and families, said. “The department is bringing in local organisations to make these links real via these kind of seminars.