University equips military paramedics with life-saving skills

University equips military paramedics with life-saving skills name

The latest military paramedics to be trained by the University of Cumbria have graduated bringing to well over a hundred the number now equipped with life-saving skills.

Over the last four years, 100 paramedics and over 300 technicians have been trained for the RAF and army by the university.

“We were delighted to get involved in this project and using our own, front-line skills, have been able to pass on our skills,” Tom Davidson, Director of the University of Cumbria’s Centre of Excellence for Paramedic Education, said. “As practising paramedics the team and I know that these skills are needed more than ever and we have enjoyed watching our students’ progress.”

Twenty two army students joined another 10 from the RAF in receiving their diploma's in paramedic practice.

“They will go on to join a growing band of other University of Cumbria graduates with skills much needed by the army,” Col Phil Carter, head of cadre for the army’s medical training group, said. His words were echoed by Wing Commander Abigail Bryant. She praised the university’s teaching staff, many of whom are serving paramedics, saying their experience made a real difference to the student experience and helped produce high calibre medics ready for deployment.

Pictured: Newly qualified army and RAF paramedics at Carlisle Cathedral.