University of Cumbria is 3rd in the north for students to start or manage a business

University of Cumbria is 3rd in the north for students to start or manage a business name

A new study involving 9.5 million former students has revealed the best universities’ in the north and south for students to study at, with the aim of starting their own company or running a business in key managerial roles such as CEO or Managing Director.

Key stats from the study include:

·         One in eight (11.62%) University of Cumbria students go on to manage or start their own business

·         University of Cumbria ranks 3rd out of northern universities and 25th in the study overall – up from 116th in the UK League Tables

The research was commissioned by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance on over 9,500,000 previous university students in the UK. The study identified the university that has the most students who would start their own or run a business.

The top universities for business leaders are all located in the south of the UK, however, northern universities generated impressive results. The 71st best university in the UK, the University of Bradford was the highest scoring university on the other side of the North vs South divide with one in eight (12.14%) graduates forming start-ups and ranking at 19th in the study.

The University of St Andrews, the second-best university in the north, ranked in 23rd position in the study with 11.90 per cent of alumni becoming CEOs or business owners.

The top three northern universities are completed by the University of Cumbria which has over one in ten (11.62%) students using their degrees for business leadership roles.

Over one in ten (11.60%) alumni from the University of Manchester created their own company and fulfilled key managing director roles. The red brick university ranks 4th amongst the northern universities and 26th in the UK study overall.

The top five northern universities list is completed by the University of Salford which has 11.17 per cent of students finishing university to become entrepreneurs or CEOs.

University of Cumbria Vice Chancellor, Professor Julie Mennell said: “We are delighted to be ranked as third in the study by Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance. We are working hard to embed entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the university. 

“In Cumbria and the broader region we have significant higher level skills needs and lower than national average productivity levels to address. Graduates with the know-how and confidence to run and start-up their own businesses are helping to bridge this gap.  

“With a new Institute for Business, Leadership and Industry recently established, including appointments from industry, as well as academia, and a focus on addressing regional sector needs, we are intent on doing more. 

“Contracts with the BBC, Rolls Royce and BAE focused on upskilling their workforce, coupled with our new professors of practice, Professor David Gibson OBE, an international enterprise educator, and Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, an American-born British organisational psychologist, show our continued commitment and I am confident our university will continue to further its impact for our region's economy.”  

Full details of the Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance study can be found HERE.