University sports head features in BBC Countryfile

University sports head features in BBC Countryfile  name

Could exercising too much be bad for you? Are fell walkers, hoping to make the most of the fresh air and the Cumbrian fells, be at risk of trying too hard to keep fit?

The hidden dangers of hillwalking and a feature about whether walkers are pushing themselves too far in the search of fresh air was aired in an edition of the BBC 1 Countryfile spin off programme, Autumn Diaries (Nov 1) and featured University of Cumbria head of department medical and sport sciences Tim Barry.

The programme’s presenter Keeley Donovan was put through her paces on a variety of courses based on the Ambleside campus.

During the exercise Tim measured her heart rate which increased by a third and her oxygen intake which also increased significantly.

“Walking is great for you, it’s a great exercise and it helps prevent heart disease,” Tim said but added a warning note. “People must be careful that they don’t go straight out and head up the nearest slope; start slow, build it up gradually.”

The programme went on to focus on the role of mountain rescue teams in looking after walkers who may have over exerted while on the fells.

“It was great to be invited to be involved and help raise awareness of this important issue,” Tim said.