What is registration? 

Registration is the process through which you are formally confirmed as a student at the university.  

All students are required to complete online pre-registration and, for most students, attend a registration session on campus. 

If you are required to attend a registration session in person you will be notified about registration arrangements in advance of your course start date.  

You must complete all elements of registration required for your course. 

Online pre-registration

All students are required to pre-register.  We will contact you by email with a link to online pre-registration usually within three weeks of your course start date.  

Hints and tips for online pre-registration: 

  • You do not need to complete this task in one go, the system will remember at which stage you left the process and the next time you log back in you will resume where you left off. 
  • You will be asked for your term-time address which you may not know at this stage. Don’t worry, you can let us know this later. 
  • Remember to complete all of the mandatory fields, these are yellow and marked with an asterisk.  
  • There is also the opportunity to declare a disability/spld during this process, and to consent to share this information with your academic team. Once completed, you will be automatically contacted by our disability team within a few weeks of the start of term.  
  • Online pre-registration includes a photo upload facility, enabling us to create and activate your Cumbria Card before you arrive, saving you time at registration and providing you with immediate access to the benefits of your Cumbria Card. Please read our guide to uploading photos.
  • If you have any outstanding admissions requirements after attending a registration event, our admissions office will email you to let you know what you need to provide before you can be fully registered. 
  • Please complete the online pre-registration process as soon as possible after receiving the email from us and remember if you upload your photo you will be able to access the benefits of the Cumbria Card immediately after registration.

If you have not received an email inviting you to complete online pre-registration within one week of your start date or if you are experiencing difficulties with online pre-registration please contact registration support.

Download the photo upload guidance

Registration support


You will need to attend a registration session if you are a:   

  • Full-time student  
  • Part-time student who has applied for funding from Student Finance England (SFE) or from the equivalent Scottish or Welsh funding body  
  • Masters student on a course leading to professional registration
  • Masters student who has applied for funding from Student Finance England (SFE) or from an equivalent Scottish or Welsh funding body, but are not on a course leading to a professional qualification.  
  • International student on UK Home Office Tier 4 (General) Student Visa and those paying overseas course fees.

If you have applied for student finance via Student Finance England (SFE) or the equivalent for Scottish and Welsh students, we will not be able to confirm your attendance to your funding body until you have completed registration. This will cause a delay in money you may be due.

Registration day - finance 

Our finance team will accept payment in full or first instalment payments for accommodation and tuition fees together with Student Loan Company funding and employer sponsor letters. Payment will otherwise be taken in accordance with the published payment schedules. 

‘Drop boxes’ will be available for students dropping off funding or sponsor letters following registration day. More information about payment of full-time tuition and accommodation fees


What to bring with you to registration 

You need to bring formal identification with you to your registration session so that we can verify your identity.

Please bring one of the following: 

  • a valid passport
  • a valid photocard driving licence 
  • a valid photocard NUS card 
  • a valid proof of age ID card

If you don’t have any of the above, we need to see two from the following:  

  • utilities bill (from the last three months).
  • birth certificate.
  • information relating to any finance applications you have made or a bank or credit card statement dated within the last three months.



Data Protection

The Data Protection Act (1998) ensures that organisations who handle information about individuals do so in a responsible manner. It gives individuals certain rights, such as the right to request a copy of all data held about them or the right to object to the way their personal data is being used. 

Information collected by the University of Cumbria either from yourself during pre-registration or registration or when you update your personal details in ICON or obtained from others (such as UCAS or the GTTR, during the application process) is processed, analysed and stored both in electronic and paper format for various administrative, academic, statistical and Health & Safety reasons. This enables us to carry out our administrative and statutory functions. All this information is held and managed in compliance with the Data Protection Act. The Act also sets out guidelines on the way data should be handled.

For more information on the data we collect and how to request a copy of the information we hold on your can be found in our Data Protection section.

Further information on the Data Protection Act (1998) is available here.