The university's academic regulations are designed to ensure the university is able to fulfil its responsibilities under the Articles of Government in exercising its degree awarding powers.

Academic Regulations (Taught Degrees)

The University keeps its Academic Regulations under review to ensure that they continue to be fit for purpose, reflect good practice in the sector and comply with legislation and other relevant external guidelines.  

2022/23 Academic Regulations (Taught Programmes)

The 2022/23 Academic Regulations can be accessed here.  These regulations will apply to new and continuing students.


2021/22 Academic Regulations (Taught Programmes)

The 2021/22 Academic Regulations can be accessed here and will continue to apply to students undertaking resits over the Summer 2022.  The regulations for the small number of students who elected to stay on Version 2 are provided here.

Academic Procedures and Processes (Taught Degrees)

The Academic Procedures and Processes (including the Procedures and Processes for Collaborative Provision) expand on the Academic Regulations, providing more detail about how the Academic Regulations operate in practice.  Please note that the new procedures for 2022/23 will be published by the end of August 2022.


The Academic Procedures and Processes contains the following:


Academic Board Approved Variations to Academic Regulations for Specific Programmes

Appendix 1

University Qualification and Level Descriptors

Appendix 2

University Wide Grade Descriptors

Appendix 3a 

Procedures Governing the Marking and Moderation of Assessments

Appendix 3b

The Conduct of Assessment

Appendix 3c

Policy and Procedures Governing Academic Malpractice

Appendix 3d

Extenuating Circumstances Procedures

Appendix 3e

The Conduct and Operation of Assessment Boards

Appendix 3f

Transcripts and Parchments

Appendix 3g

Roles and Responsibilities in External Examining

Appendix 4a

Criteria for the Appointment of External Examiners and Procedure for Early Termination of Contract

Appendix 4b

Guidelines for the Selection and Approval of Potential External Examiners

Appendix 4c

Procedure for Appointing External Examiners

Appendix 4d

Reporting Procedures for External Examiners

Appendix 4e

Information for External Examiners

Appendix 4f

Academic Appeals Procedures

Appendix 5

Procedure for the award of Credit for Prior Learning (APL)

Appendix 6

Degree and Award Ceremony Procedures

Appendix 7

4 Week Rule Procedures

Appendix 8

Emergency Academic Regulations (April 2020)

In April 2020, the University approved a set of Emergency Regulations to cover the initial period impacted by the Covid19 pandemic (seeing out the remainder of the 2019/20 academic year).  Any continuing student who studied modules counting towards final award clasification in the period March-August 2020 will continue to have the April 2020 Emergency Regulations applied when calculating the award classification (discounting modules studies in this period from the award calculation and the better profile awarded - this or the standard profile).


AQD also has pages dedicated to External Examiners and Collaborative Provision

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