We provide strategic leadership IT and systems, working collaboratively with academic departments, professional services and students to advise on opportunities and good practice and to ensure we provide the best possible support for their needs.  For all our services we innovate and develop as well as provide support in person, virtually and through online and physical resources.  Due to the large number of good ideas we receive that need IT and information systems effort or cost, we follow very closely the university project management approach to allow assessment of value, agreement of costs and commitment of resources to meet university needs.  We publish our plans and schedule for all staff to see.

IT Strategy

The university IT Strategy has a vision of “our IT will enable us to move from the constraints of the physical world to the freedom of the virtual”.

Our IT and services will be relevant to our university mission and to our stakeholders, they will be progressive and encourage innovation. We will enable on and off-campus learning and engagement by the development of mobile and collaborative solutions in devices, processes and systems. Our IT will enable increased university and individual effectiveness and efficiency and university sustainability.

IT change is delivered and measured by translating our aims into IT-focused workstreams, describing different technology themes and process enablers:-

Our teams

Information Systems: The development, co-ordination and support of the university's corporate information systems (such as Student Records, Finance, Timetabling, HR, Payroll, Virtual Learning, Web, etc.) is the responsibility of the Information Systems team. The systems are mostly owned and configured by other Services.

Technology Development: The development and management of all IT from infrastructure to end-user devices and the software that runs on them. Provision of the complex portfolio of software on PCs and Macs and the investigation of new technologies to improve student and staff experience. We provide a wide range of assistive technology solutions for students and staff​. 

Technology Delivery: The support and management of all end user IT including computers, telephones, mobiles, smartphones, audio-visual devices and library technology. The central contact point for assistance and help on all things IT, the IT Service Desk, lies within this area.

General enquiries

For all technical support and general queries, contact the IT Service Desk (itservicedesk@cumbria.ac.uk or 01228 888888).

For any Freedom of Information Act requests, contact the Vice Chancellor’s Office.

Our staff are based at our campuses in Carlisle, Ambleside and Lancaster. We also support our London campus remotely and via a third party provider.

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