Board of Directors

The University is currently seeking to appoint a new independent Director and Associate Directors to join our Board.  Please see the Applicant Brief for further details. The closing date is 6 June 2021.


The University of Cumbria Board is responsible for the entire control and management of the institution. They approve budgets and expenditure and determine the educational character and objectives of the institution, as well as ensuring the effective and efficient use of the university’s resources.

In accordance with good governance practice, the University Governance team maintains a Register of Interests for members of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chancellor's Executive and Senior Leaders' Team. This information is held in the University Governance office and is available for public consultation. Members of the Board of Directors are requested to provide the information to us annually and to notify us if there is any change in the information. The summary Register of Interests for the Board of Directors and Vice Chancellor's Executive can be found here: Summary Register of Interests University Board VCE.

Anyone wishing to contact the University Board of Directors can do so through the Vice Chancellor’s Office in the first instance, by contacting The University Secretary 

Photo of Fiona Aiken

Fiona Aiken

  • Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee
  • Board of Directors
John Batty board of directors

John Batty

  • Board Director, University of Cumbria Board of Directors
Peter Yates Board of directors

Peter Yates

  • Board Director, University of Cumbria Board of Directors
 Atta Hanfi

Atta Hanfi

  • Associate Director, University of Cumbria Board of Directors
Photo of Pam Tatlow

Pam Tatlow

  • Director, Chair of Academic Governance Committee
  • Board of Directors
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