Our Marketing and Recruitment department is responsible for promoting the brand of the university and its values, raising the profile with our many external audiences and informing our different markets of what the university has to offer. Our service helps to raise interest with potential students and client groups and their influencers, converting that interest into becoming a valued customer.

Our Marketing and Web team develop the branding messages and marketing campaigns to attract our many types of client, whether they are an employer, partner college, research colleague, local community member, potential member of staff, student or general public.

The Recruitment team focuses on the students - meeting and answering queries from potential students, guiding them and informing them to apply for a place at the University of Cumbria and then helping them through the application process to become an enrolled student. They particularly support students in schools; encouraging those who may not have considered university to do so, running university open days and attending national and regional events and school visits.

Contact Marketing and Recruitment


Email: marketingandweb@cumbria.ac.uk
Phone: 01524 590 830
Location: College Main, Lancaster

Recruitment Events

Email: studentrecruitment@cumbria.ac.uk
Phone: 01228 616333
Location: College Main, Lancaster

Outreach (Schools and Colleges)

Email: outreach@cumbria.ac.uk
Phone: 01228 616333
Location: College Main, Lancaster

Head of Service

Julie Armstrong, Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Email: julie.armstrong@cumbria.ac.uk

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