We hope you enjoy your time studying with us

Starting university is an exciting time, but you may have a lot of questions and maybe even a few worries, so we want to do everything we can to ensure you relocate smoothly into your new home. Here's a guide to the key things you'll need to do and think about.

Getting started

Get access to university computers

Whether for writing essays or accessing electronic journals, you’ll make extensive use of digital technology. It only takes one username and password to access all the electronic resources you need. 

Before you arrive, you will be sent details of how to activate your IT account. This account will give you access to the university IT resources and systems including: 

  • the Student Hub – the single place for all students to access their systems and documents
  • our award winning Head Start Programmes – short online courses designed to prepare for HE study
  • the wireless provision to enable you to use your own devices, and much more.

Your IT facilities

Your IT support

Become familiar with your library services

The university library offers a wealth of support and resources.  Visit your university library and check out all the services available and attend a library tour. 

Our Library service


Cumbria card

You will be issued with your Cumbria Card at registration. If you are a full-time student this will normally be issued at your registration day. Otherwise this will generally be organised as part of your induction. 

This card acts as your library and photo-ID card and can be used to access a range of buildings and services such as photocopying and printing in university libraries/gateways, and open access IT spaces. 

Don’t forget to upload your photo for your Cumbria Card before you get here – instructions on how to do this will be in your welcome email, and further guidance can be found here.  

About your Cumbria Card

Confirm you are exempt from paying council tax

Currently, if you are under 18, or a full-time student over 18, you do not have to pay council tax. Once you are fully registered on a full-time course you will be emailed a council tax exemption certificate. This document should be sent or taken to the local council tax office, with your council tax bill if you have received one. 

More information can be found on your local council website.

Get a TV licence if you plan to watch live TV or BBC iPlayer

Televisions brought to site must be covered by an appropriate licence. The university television licence does not cover the use of students’ personal televisions.  

You will need a digital TV or Freeview box/Freeview HD box. External wireless or television aerials must not be erected on university property.  

Students watching live TV, or any BBC programmes on iPlayer (live, catch up or on demand), on their computer will need also need a TV Licence. 

If you are caught without one, you may be fined £1,000.

TV licensing information for students

Be aware of safety and security


Whilst our campuses are in low crime areas, student occupied houses/residences are often targeted. Carrying out the following actions can greatly reduce the risks: 

  • Lock ALL external doors and windows when house/room is unoccupied (use window locks if fitted) even if only for a short time
  • Write your postcode on attractive or saleable items using a UV marker or an engraver. Use your home address postcode and include your house/flat number e.g. CA1 2HH 11.
  • Never put expensive items on view in windows
  • Open curtains in day time and leave a light on at night, preferably using a time switch when the flat/room is empty
  • If you don’t need a car for your course, leave it at home
  • Carry your bank cards with you at all times
  • Report crime or vandalism to the police and also to your landlord/the university
  • Strangers seen wandering on campus should be reported to security or reception.


Personal safety 

  • Stick together – go out and come home in groups of two or more
  • Stay to well-lit and more populated areas – avoid back alleys and little side street
  • Watch your drinks – don’t leave your drinks unguarded; take them with you or ask a trusted friend to watch them
  • Avoid binge drinking – drinking to excess leaves you less able to spot trouble and look after yourself
  • Look after your friends – if a friend has over-indulged; make sure they get home safely
  • Don’t invite strangers or people you have just met back to your halls – you don’t know them well enough to trust them.


Policing and security on campus 

We do not have a permanent police presence on any of our campuses. In an emergency call 999 (if you need to do this, please let reception know immediately). You can also speak with reception or night security staff who may call the police or contact the residential life team. All our campuses have community police officers - details can be found at: 

Health and safety

View our Introduction to Health and Safety for students.

Take a look around our Student Life section

Our Student Life section has all the information and links you'll need to get to grips with university life and introduce you to the many services we provide.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees can be paid by either taking out a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England or if self-paying, payment must be made either in full prior to, at, or following registration, or in three instalments. For more information, check out our Finance section.

If you have any more queries about paying your fees, please contact our finance team at accountsreceivableteam@cumbria.ac.uk.

Accommodation fees

Accommodation fees can be paid in full prior to, at, or following registration or in three instalments. 

For payment and payment queries, please contact our finance team on 01524 590826 or email accountsreceivableteam@cumbria.ac.uk 

Student loans

Available loans will be transferred into your bank account following registration. Please ensure that you have advised your funding body, e.g. the Student Finance England, of your correct bank details and returned your signed declaration. 

Please note that students with outstanding conditions relating to their admission will only be able to register provisionally and will not be able to receive their student loan until all conditions have been met. These conditions may include verification of qualifications, medical clearance and Disclosure & Barring Service clearance. If you are contacted by our admissions office, it is in your own interest to provide requested information as soon as possible.

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