Meet the staff

Photo of Christina Feltham

Christina Feltham

  • Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Programme Lead for MSc Midwifery (pre-registration), Admissions Lead
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Kathryn Fox

Kathryn Fox, PhD

  • Head of Student Recruitment and Portfolio Development
  • Institute of Education, The Senior Leaders Team
Photo of Fiona Cole

Fiona Cole

  • Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Institute of Health
  • Institute of Health

Fiona Firth

  • Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing
  • Institute of Health
 Firoz Jethwa

Firoz Jethwa

  • Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership

Harriet Fraser

  • Visiting Research Fellow
  • Institute of Science, Natural Resources and Outdoor Studies
Template of Male Staff Member Profile

Howard Foster

  • Senior Lecturer and Professional Partnership Tutor
  • Institute of Education
John Batty board of directors

John Batty

  • Board Director, University of Cumbria Board of Directors