Collaborative Provision

The University of Cumbria engages in a range of academic collaborative provision activities.

The University of Cumbria aims to provide and promote excellent and accessible higher education which enhances the lives of individuals and fosters the development of the communities to which we belong. In its collaborative provision the university embraces four guiding themes: sustainability; creativity; employability and enterprise.


We are a Widening Participation university, encouraging and facilitating the progression of non-traditional students to University. Our collaborations provide a range of opportunities for students whatever their age, background and earlier experience. These partnerships ensure provision is available in Cumbria’s widely distributed communities and offers progression opportunities into Higher Education from FE and vocational routes. 

Developing collaborations which closely match the ethos and principles of the University is vital and the University continues to build strong partnerships regionally, nationally and internationally.

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The University’s Strategy for Working with Partners

The University's academic collaborative provision activity is underpinned by the 'Strategy for the Delivery of Academic Collaborative Provision 2013-2018'. This enables the University to develop its collaborative provision in a way that is purposeful in supporting the University to meet its Mission and Strategic aims. A full version of the Strategy for the Delivery of Academic Collaborative Provision is available to download.

Click here to download our Strategy

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If you are considering establishing a partnership, you should contact the University at the earliest opportunity.

Please complete the enquiry form and return to

The administration and coordination of collaborative provision is largely undertaken by Academic Quality and Development.

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University Processes and Procedures

More detailed information about engaging in collaborative provision with the University of Cumbria is available through the University’s Processes and Procedures for the Approval and Management of Academic Collaborative Provision.

Approval and Management of Associate Partners

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