Meet the staff

Photo of Kim Hanson

Kim Hanson

  • Programme Lead Return to Practice (Nursing) Senior Lecturer in Community Nursing
  • Institute of Health
 Kirsty Martin

Kirsty Martin

  • Lecturer in Children & Young People
  • Institute of Health
 Larry Goff

Larry Goff

  • Lecturer in Project Management
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
Laura Baxter, Course Leader of BA (Hons) Wildlife Media

Laura Baxter

  • Course Leader BA (Hons) Wildlife Media & Curator of The Vallum Gallery
  • Institute of the Arts
Photo of Laura Collins

Laura Collins

  • Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
  • Institute of Health
Template of Female Staff Member Profile

Laura Offin, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
  • Institute of Science and Environment