Meet the staff

Photo of Kathryn Hoyle

Kathryn Wain

  • Principal Lecturer for Sport and Integrated Foundation Year Programmes.
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Katy Little

Katy Little

  • Programme Leader BA (Hons) Games Design & Digital Arts
  • Institute of the Arts
Photo of Kay Donnellon

Kay Donnellon

  • Senior Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Kelly Fielden

Kelly Fielden

  • Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy | BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy Programme Lead - Carlisle Institute of Health
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Kelly Powell

Kelly Powell

  • Senior Lecturer, HEFCE Education Programmes Leader and Safeguarding Campus Officer Lancaster
  • Institute of Education
Dr  Kenneth Appiah ,PhD

Kenneth Appiah, PhD

  • Lecturer in International Marketing / Innovation and Entrepreneurship/ Global Business
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
Photo of Kenneth Waters

Kenneth Waters

  • Sculpture Service and Maintenance, Fine Arts team
  • Institute of the Arts