Meet the staff

Photo of Tom Grimwood

Tom Grimwood, PhD

  • Associate Professor in Social Philosophy Head of Graduate School Co-Lead, HASKE
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Tony Peart

Tony Peart

  • Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Institute of the Arts
Tracy Hayes staff image

Tracy Hayes, PhD

  • Lecturer in Institute of Health (IoH) and Deputy Theme Lead for Outdoor Learning in Learning, Education and Development (LED) Research Centre.
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Tracy Cowle

Tracy Cowle

  • Senior Lecturer in Children, Young People and Families
  • Institute of Health
Template of Female Staff Member Profile

Vicki Goodwin

  • Development Manager & Business Lead for HASCE Carlisle
  • Institute of Health
Photo of Victoria Barbe

Victoria Barbé

  • Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts & Programme Leader of Musical Theatre
  • Institute of the Arts