Yvonne Meek - Codependent Kitchen 1 - MA Show 2020 - MA Creative Practice

Yvonne Meek

Filmmaker - 'Codependent Kitchen' Short Film

Yvonne Meek MA Show 2020 Student Profile, A female wearing a yellow headband smiles at the camera.

My Exhibition Piece

I'm exhibiting my short film Codependent Kitchen. The film is based around the struggle I have with different body/hand movement and how my movements differ from the able-bodied. My inspiration came from my love of baking and the support I need during the baking process.

Art Medium of Preference

A mixture of filmmaking and sculpture.

Why I Did a Master's Degree

Following on from the completion of my BA course, I wanted to further my art experience and I felt that the MA would be the best way to do this. The best thing about doing this course was that I’ve learned to push myself further in an artistic environment.

What Is Next for Me

I'm doing my MA over two years, so my plans at the moment are to continue to study the next year of MA.

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Codependent Kitchen

The Film

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