Emily Thurlow - Blue Mesh - MA Show 2020 - MA Contemporary Fine Art

Emily Thurlow

Contemporary Artist - Black mesh, Blue mesh, Hidden gem, Photography and Sculpture

Emily Thurlow MA Show 2020 Student Profile, Portrait of Emily Thurlow.

My Exhibition Piece

I am exhibiting three photographs of sculptures which are created from plastic waste found along the same beachline. The aims of this work are to add to the conversation of plastic waste and non-biodegradable pollution, to promote a change in human behaviour towards our planet and encourage the use of plastic as a tool of creation, not just a throw-away item. Also, I am using my practice to challenge the audience's idea of aesthetics. 

Art Medium of Preference

Painting, sculpture and photography. 

Why I Did a Master's Degree

I chose to do an MA to push myself in my education, but also to learn and develop my personal practice as an artist.

The best thing about my course was the support I got from our tutors and the facilities on offer to students.

What Is Next for Me 

I am studying my MA course part-time so I have another year to go. I would like to carry on being a practising artist. Developing and pushing my own works out into the world. 

Contact Me

Email: emily.m.thurlow97@gmail.com 

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