Holly Knowles - Sensing Yourself 1 - MA Show 2020 - MA Contemporary Fine Art

Holly Knowles

Contemporary Artist - Sensing Yourself Installation

Holly Knowles MA Show 2020 Student Profile, Student picture of female Holly Knowles.

My Exhibition Piece

Sensing Yourself (2020) is the research into a large-scale installation proposal.


The proposal aimed at transforming the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall into an infinity room installation designed to play on viewers perceptions, allowing them to have an experience of heightened bodily consciousness. The viewer who 'sees themselves sensing' is the subject of the work. This installation plays on the unconscious fears of the viewer, who is endlessly replicated and fragmented in the reflective glass. The space will provide an immersive atmosphere in which viewers will both recognise and reject what they see in the work.


The work, which is a discovery through making, was completed over the course of four months.

Art Medium of Preference

Installation is my preferred art form. I choose to work with all-encompassing environments which involve the viewer in the work. My installations are generally site-specific and alter the perception of the space.

Why I Did a Master's Degree

I chose to take part in the MA programme to further develop my artistic practice and understand how it fits into a wider cultural context. The course has built confidence and encouraged me to work outside of my comfort zone, identifying areas which needed further expansion. The support I received from peers and staff has been invaluable, I will be sad to leave. 

What Is Next for Me

For the moment, I aim to further develop my creative practice through personal study and experimentation. Currently, I am undecided on whether to further my studies, but I may decide to enrol on a PGCE. 

Contact Me

Email: hollyknowles88@hotmail.co.uk 

Sensing Yourself

The Installation

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