Lily Castano - Untitled Sculpture 2 - MA Show 2020 - MA Contemporary Fine Art

Lily Castano

Contemporary Artist - Sculptures

Lily Castano MA Show 2020 Student Profile, A portrait photograph of Lily Castano.

My Exhibition Piece

All three images are taken from works done by my alter egos. The works are best described as sculpture. The inspiration comes from my heritage, ancestral lineage and guidance of my first family. Each piece can take a few days to put into its final position or can take a moment - it all comes down to experimenting, trial and error and processing memories and feelings through play in my studio.

Art Medium of Preference

Sculpture and installation.

Why I Did a Master's Degree

The location of the campus, the workshop facilities and the studios. The best thing about this course is the friendships I’ve made with fellow cohorts and staff.

What Is Next for Me

I’ve opened a gallery in Appleby and so will continue to produce work and put on exhibitions by my alter egos and invite other artists to exhibit too. 

Contact Me

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