I have a career history spent, almost entirely, in the financial services sector. This encompasses over 45 years and has included time spent living/working in Greece, the U.S.A. and Germany as well as extended assignments in China and the Republic of Ireland.
During this period I have worked for British, American, Greek and Irish businesses.

Since 2005 I have acted as an independent consultant providing a range of services to clients in the financial services sector. I am now semi-retired but hold two Non Executive Director roles and continue to take occasional consulting projects.

Having moved to Cumbria in 2009, and since put down roots, I am keen to become more involved in the voluntary sector. I am a Trustee of two local charities while my appointment to the Board of the University of Cumbria will allow me to support the growth and expansion ambitions of a key institution in the development of the county's young people.