Zoe, says her role entails, “inspiring people and giving them the skills to progress in a profession that is the best in the world,” said Zoe, referring to nursing as well as other pre-registered courses, such as radiography.

Zoe is a lecturer for the FDSc Assistant Practitioner Course, supporting individuals to achieve academic progression within the healthcare environment. The programme allows trainee Assistant Practitioners to gain the skills and knowledge related to their chosen professional route, and Zoe enjoys teaching a wide range of generic topics including ethics, values base and academic writing.

Zoe has always been a high achiever with a zest for life who in May 2017 won a national award, the RCNI Andrew Parker Student Nurse Award 2017, in recognition of her work to reduce the stigma of mental health among young people.

Zoe worked with young people to write and film a series of monologues as part of the Hot Potato project aimed at raising awareness of mental health. The video that resulted is now in use in schools across Cumbria to prompt discussions around the issue of mental illness.
Since that time Zoe has spoken at numerous national conferences, including the World Health Innovation Summit and NHS 70th Anniversary Celebrations, spreading awareness of her work and reducing mental health stigma.

"My passion got me into nursing and I want to inspire my students and instil the same passion into them”, she said.

Zoe has a keen interest in acute and trauma care, with specific interest in maintaining holistic and person-cenrtered care in these areas. Zoe is currently undertaking her MSc and PGC in Higher Education, with the aim to complete her masters in Clinical Education.

Qualifications and memberships

BSc Adult Nursing - First Class Honors

Currently Undertaking MSc and PgC in Higher Education


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