Class of 2020 support messages

Class of 2020 support messages name


Our graduate community welcomes the newest members, the class of 2020, to the Alumni Association with their messages of support.


Well done for coming this far, be proud of yourselves. We will get over this pandemic together and you will come out even stronger. Good luck in all you do. 

Jhoomi Rani, General Primary, class of 2014


My advice would be to stick with you closest friends! When I moved up north from my home in Bristol, my uni pals became my family and I'm lucky enough to still be close to them 6 years after graduating! It might only be once every 18 months but we pick a place and a weekend and we find ourselves there! It's always so lovely to reminisce about such a great time in all of our lives. We've even had weddings and a baby! Even if your graduation has moved online find a time to go back and relive the best times with each other!

Hannah Milkins, Musical Theatre Performance and Technical Theatre, class of 2014


Covid is just a big setback, consider the problem as an opportunity if you can, as an example I completed and discussed my PhD dissertation during lockdown, thanks to the availability of more time for study.

Alessandro Franchi, MBA, class of 2013


You might be thinking 'companies are not hiring due to Covid'... this is true in some cases.... however when I graduated it was right at the end of a recession. Within months the market was flooded with Junior roles as companies began to build back up. We are already seeing that.  Get your CV up to scratch and get ready to change the world for the better.  It’s going to be a new world, but with change comes opportunity and design, interaction, digital is now integral to how we live our lives.... Also, enjoy your leavers party ;)

Andy Ireland, Graphic Design, class of 2011


Be flexible and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone if an opportunity arises.

Brittany Bell, PE, class of 2016


Great teachers are desperately needed. Cumbria trains some of the most incredible teachers I know and work with. Be proactive. The children, this year in particular, are as nervous as you are. Prepare as much as you can (even though we don't know what September will look like.)

Charlotte Burgess, Primary Education, class of 2018


It’s a difficult time, but it doesn’t mean that’s it. This is just another barrier in life that will/has got in the way, but it’s not something you can’t overcome. There are higher pressures but you’ve made it through university and your hard work has got you to this point so far so keep it up!

Kaitlin Taraldsen-Johnson, Working with Children and Families, class of 2017


Well done on completing your degree. This is such a difficult time to go into your chosen career but I know you will all doing amazing when you put your mind to it. Keep working hard and keep smiling.

Katie Brooks, Working with Children and Families, class of 2019


It's going to be tough but remember why you started!

Lauren Bogart, Primary Education, class of 2015


Know that it’s probably not going to get much harder than this! You've qualified / graduated amid a pandemic - you can do anything you put your mind to!

Linzi Sinton, Primary Education, class of 2015


You are stronger than you think you are, I’ve doubted myself my entire life and now I am in a job which I love, further in my career than I thought I’d be at 24 years old!  You are capable of anything, and I genuinely think that you can do anything you set your mind to! Never be afraid to reach out to your lecturers and other staff at university, because they have supported me so much since leaving! They will support you with words of wisdom and praise and that’s just what is needed sometimes!! The pandemic will end and your future is just beginning!

Lydia Carrie, Forensic Science, class of 2017


Take care of yourself, give yourself breaks from the computer stay connected with your friends.

Nathalie Grobe, Modern Foreign Languages, class of 1996


Don’t panic! Life in classrooms will be different from several months ago and will be different for a long time to come.  However, if you stick to the fact that you will be helping, supporting and developing children as you work, then whatever arrangements the school in which you teach sets up to meet current Covid-19 requirements will be the environment in which you can best use your skills to help children learn and grow. Good luck!

Peter Kemble, Music and Geography Education, class of 1967


You're entering a weird job market. The job you take now will look very different to how it would have done 12 months ago, and it will look different again 12 months from now. You might have to settle for something that doesn't inspire you, and you might have to work at McDonald's even though we were all told that we were going to University to avoid that. Always be on the lookout for something that you'll love. Don't worry if, after a year, your CV is filled with odd jobs you were only in for a month or two at a time. Temporary placements are normal, and any one of them has the potential to lead to something bigger.

Rebecca Oates, Creative Writing, class of 2013


Don’t give up on developing yourself and your skills now that you’ve finished university, always be looking out for the next opportunity or course that you can do to enhance your CV and make you stand out from everybody else.

Susie Anderson, Primary Education, class of 2017


Good luck! Be yourself and only do things that make you happy or your life better!

Thomas Ashby, Primary Education, class of 2013


It may all seem up in the air at the moment but things will settle. You’ve worked hard for your degree so believe in yourself. You CAN do what you want to.

Tracey Sims, Primary Education, class of 2011


Times are hard and unusual for everybody. Ride the wave and still try to enjoy it - lots of smiles and positivity makes it a lot easier. People will respect and admire your resilience and will appreciate someone that is positive in the situation.

Victoria Whitham, Secondary Education, class of 2019


It must be such a worrying time, but follow your nose, try not to worry about it too much, and whatever is meant to be will be. You'll get there in the end.

Vikki Davies, Creative Writing, class of 2015


To all of you who have just graduated, well done, you have conquered a mountain and set your feet on your new path in life.  Just remember to believe in yourself, and no matter how bleak things can sometimes feel, there is always light behind the clouds.  Good Luck in all you do, and remember the most important thing is to be kind and respectful to everyone, you will find it opens far more doors throughout life.  Take care and stay safe.

Juliet Bell, Education, class of 2015


Some words of encouragement:  Take with you the knowledge and friendships you have gained together with the diversity of people and experiences and remember a pint may never be as cheap again.

Richard Duerden, Social Ethics, class of 1987


Class of 2020, I’d like to extend to you all the best! Keep going guys and gals!!

James Butterworth, Outdoor Leadership, class of 2016


Congratulations in passing out. It is an achievement you will always remember. I graduated in 2018 so feel for you if you have not had that opportunity.  Keep positive.

Paul Hagan, Radiation Protection, class of 2019


If a door appears closed to you, climb through a window.

Linda Rader Overman, Creative Writing, class of 2015


I well remember my graduation. It is an important day in my life. For you as well: your life after graduation will change in many ways. And all those changes are positive! There is currently a lot of feebleness in the world. Most of it, without necessity. We have shown that progress is possible and we will continue to demonstrate that hope is stronger than feebleness and hope transforms in actions that improve everything.

Rainer Kessler, International Business Law, class of 2018


The UK is currently going through difficult and uncertain times affecting people in all areas of society, but the future will be different and hopefully better because your enthusiasm, knowledge, ideas, creativity and effort will make a difference. 

Lionel Playford, Foundation Studies, class of 1987


To the Class of 2020! Congratulations and well done achieving your goals in the most surreal surroundings! Good Luck to you all! 

Maria O’Reilly, Primary Education, class of 2012


Keep yourself informed, this is a really difficult moment for the whole world, time lapses and the challenges we are confronted with today will come to pass.

Lucas Carlos Joao, Business Administration, class of 2018


Dear Colleagues, it is with great pleasure that I will like to welcome you all to the great University of Cumbria Alumni. You certainly made the right choice. Wishing you all the very best in your endeavours. 

Ibrahim Gibriel George, Leadership and Sustainability, class of 2019


I thought I would provide a few words courtesy of Winnie the Pooh and friends,  "Be bold enough to use your voice, to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you've always imagined", remember "Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce", and most of all "When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles!". Good luck to all.

Elizabeth Clark, Religious Studies, class of 1999


Since Covid is impacting our personal and professional lives, and those that we love. I wanted to wish all students of Cumbria university, their families, university staff, you, your loved ones and fellow colleagues safe passage through this difficult period. Please take care, stay positive and find sometime for having fun and smiling. It is challenging operating under the current restrictions; however, I am confident we will get through this, together. God bless you.

Ashraf Deabess, Leadership and Sustainability, class of 2014


To the final year students class of 2020, I would like to encourage you even as you are graduating in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic not to lose hope and your dreams.  Hold on to your ambitions and keep focused even in the midst of the pandemic you can still succeed, if you keep your mind clear you can even come up with solutions that can create opportunities in the midst of the crisis. 

Jacquiline Mbada, Leadership and Sustainability, class of 2018