How to connect to your fellow alumni

How to connect to your fellow alumni name

The aim of the University of Cumbria Alumni Association is simple: to keep you connected to Cumbria and each other! 

We are a network of more than 60,000 graduates worldwide. We graduated from different campuses, from different courses, some 50 years ago, some just last year. Our diversity of ages, skills, nationalities and experiences enriches the network. 

Networking with fellow graduates, keeping in touch with classmates or reaching out to long lost friends can be hugely rewarding both personally and professionally. We want to make it easy for you to connect with each other. 

Here’s some ways in which the Alumni Association can help you connect: 


The Cumbria Network 

The Cumbria Network is our platform exclusively for all alumni of the University of Cumbria and our legacy institutions. Here you will find a searchable directory of alumni who you can contact directly. It is our goal that all our alumni join us here. Send messages, request a mentor, offer to help, post your news, comments and questions onto the news feed.  

Registration for the Cumbria Network takes two minutes, it’s completely free and open to all alumni. 

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The Alumni Association database 

There are more than 60,000 alumni on our database, dating as far back as the class of 1939.  Perhaps you want to hold a networking event, you have a job offer or opportunity to share, maybe you are seeking a long lost friend, or trying to get your classmates together for a reunion, we can help. If you don’t see your friends and classmates in the Cumbria Network yet then we can reach out to them on your behalf, provided we have their permission.  

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Are you celebrating an important milestone, is it 10, 20 or even 50 years since you graduated? Or perhaps it's been a couple of years, you have drifted apart, and you just miss your classmates, let us help you organise a reunion! Working alongside our campus events teams we can help you book parties and accommodation on campus. Or simply let us help you arrange a ‘no fuss’ campus meet up for a stroll around. We can spread the word about your event and help you keep your guestlist up to date.  

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Social media 

Did you know that here in the Alumni Association we have our own official Facebook and Twitter accounts? We have had great success in the past in tracking down old friends here. We have a good following, and we can post messages on our official university channels on your behalf. 

Come and join us on social media, we post daily updates, opportunities, news, cool jobs,  loads of old photos and more. 

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Memory Lane 

We love to collect stories of your student days, hear your memories, see your old photos and to learn more about what life was like across the different decades for students at all our campuses. 

We keep alumni stories in a section on our webpages called Memory Lane. We have a memory box for each of our legacy institutions and then one for each decade. Some of our boxes are fuller than others. We are always looking for more stories. Perhaps you have lost touch with many of your classmates, perhaps you may have even forgotten names. Why not share your story here, help others to reminisce and it may just encourage long lost friends to get back in touch.  

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Contact the Alumni Association 


Telephone: 01228 279315