Dr Angela Anthonisz, PhD

  • Principal Lecturer Tourism Management
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
  • Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability
  • Business
Dr Angela Anthonisz, PhD


Dr. Anthonisz joined the University of Cumbria in May 2019 as a Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management.  Angela has an established career as an academic practitioner in tourism, hospitality and events management and has worked at management level in the UK, Switzerland and Dubai.  Her work in industry includes hotel management, retail and leisure roles as well as owning her own business in the South Lakes up until 2012.  Her research and consultancy interests are in strategic management, sustainable planning and development, organisational social capital and organisational cultural change.    

In taking up her new post at Ambleside, Angela is working in partnership with Cumbria Tourist Board, the LDHA and other representatives from industry to spearhead the development of a range of short courses, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that will focus on upskilling and talent management in the visitor economy. 

Angela is also working as part of an interdisciplinary team as the thematic lead (Rural and Visitor Economy) for the Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas, an international and national research centre for the study of national park and protected area management that focuses on the development of sustainable solutions to global challenges.  The theme adopts a transformational business philosophy that encourages the development of innovative thinking and contemporary approaches to the planning and management of sustainable rural environments.

Qualifications and memberships

PhD - The Strategic Management of Human Capital in 5 Star Hotels in Dubai

MA International Hotel Management

PG Cert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

BA (Hons) Tourism and European Politics

HND Finance and Business Administration


Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

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