Brian is local to the Lancaster area. He was born in Morecambe, went to primary school in Heysham and then by bus as a dayboy to LRGS. From there he studied first in Oxford, then in New Haven USA at the Berkeley and Yale Divinity Schools, before training as a secondary school teacher in Cambridge. He taught for eight years at Goldsmiths College in London, becoming a principal lecturer there and engaging part-time in his PhD research at Lancaster University. In 1975 he returned to territory which was home to both himself and his wife Brenda and their two sons. He had been appointed to St Martin’s College, Lancaster as head of the department. He continued there for 35 years, including its transition to the University of Cumbria. He is now Emeritus Professor of Religion Ethics & Education. Since retiring, in addition to his research interests he concentrated on his voluntary work as Chair of the RE Council of England and Wales until 2011. Now his focus is on research, online portal development and family.



Qualifications and memberships

Academic and Professional Qualifications 

BA Hons Theology Class 2            St John's College, Oxford   (MA 1970)     

                                                  (Oriel Exhibition Scholarship 1962-4)

M Div + STM                                Berkeley Divinity School, Yale                   

                                                   (Fulbright Travel Scholarship 1964-6)

PGCE, with distinction                  Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge        
Recognised Teacher                      London University                                      
PhD                                            University of Lancaster (part-time) 



MBE (2013) “For contribution to Religious Education and Inter Faith Relations”


Senior Positions in External Academic and Professional Associations

Chair Religious Education Council of England and Wales 1984-90; 2002-11.

Chair Editorial Board Journal of Moral Education               1999-2006



Academic and research interests

Main areas/fields of teaching and research

Interfaces between religion, ethics, education and health. 

Comparative ethics. 

Resourcing teaching and research in religion and ethics from electronic media. 

Religious development across life span.

Research Alongside his colleagues in the department, Brian maintained his own research interests. One of these is the religious and moral development of children and young people. In the 1970s this was based on lengthy interviews with boys and girls aged 6-16 from different religious backgrounds – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Unattached. He is now following this up by re-interviewing the same individuals (if he can find them) now 50 years older – now exploring development across the lifespan.

Interfaith relations Brian’s ecumenical interests were evident during his student years. As an undergraduate he was chair of the Joint Christian Societies - those of the Church of England, Free Churches and Roman Catholics. They were extended in both his teaching and research to include other religious traditions and beliefs. He recognised the force of beliefs – and unbeliefs - for both good and evil, here in the UK and globally. He saw mutual understanding and critical challenge as necessary for harm reduction, personal enrichment and social transformation. For many years he taught an undergraduate course on Mission and Dialogue. He has served as a trustee of the Inter Faith Network UK.



Resource Project Initiatives Launched 2014 and ongoing  Launched 2019 and ongoing Launched on BBC Newsnight by the Bishop of Lancaster in 1995., Theology And Religion)  Launched 1998.  2002 

www.alphabeta proposed in Cairo but not developed  proposed at Nuremberg Forum in 2012 but not developed



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Recent external roles

Elected Honorary Roles
Chair of Religious Education Council of England & Wales (1984 – 1990, 2002-11)
Chair of Editorial Board of the Journal of Moral Education (1999-2006)
Trustee of Journal of Moral Education (1999 - )
Board member Association for Moral Education (2008-)