I qualified as a diagnostic radiographer in 1989 and worked within the NHS in a variety of hospitals until 1998. During this time I developed special interests in radionuclide imaging and the clinical education of student radiographers. 

I have worked in higher education since 1998 and have developed a wide variety of interests based around my primary role of delivering courses in Diagnostic Radiography. 

I am mainly involved in teaching general and radiographic anatomy, radiographic technique and other aspects of general radiography. I also have interests in interprofessional learning, clinical assessment and curriculum development. 

Qualifications and memberships


Registered as a Diagnostic Radiography with the HCPC (RA30866) 

Member of the Society and College of Radiographers 

Member & Fellow of the British Institute of Radiology 

Academic and research interests

Clinical Assessment 

Radiography Curriculum Modernisation & Development 

Digital Imaging Technology 

I am a reviewer for the peer review journal ‘Radiography’ 

I undertake course approvals and accreditations on behalf of the Approval and Accreditation Boad of the College of Radiographers 


Co-author of first, second and third editions of  Clark's Pocket Handbook for Radiographers. CRC Press  2024 

Co-author of ‘Clarks Positioning in Radiography’ 12th & 13th Edition.  CRC Press  2016. 

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Conference papers 

Measuring the reliability of an assessment tool used for the clinical evaluation of student radiographers. 1998 UKRC, Birmingham. 

Obesity: Understanding the Challenges. 2008 UKRC, Birmingham.